Washington D.C. – Moving Tips and Services for Potential Movers

Formed from land donated from Maryland and Virginia, the federal district is home to the capital of the United States of America. George Washington, America’s first president, decided Washington, D.C.’s unique diamond shape along the Potomac River. The political center of the United States, all three branches of the federal government – Congress, the president, and the Supreme Court – are located here. Steeped in history, the National Mall is home to many monuments and museums as well as Capitol Hill. Even if politics are not for you, Washington, D.C. has much more to offer. It attracts some of the most qualified, impressive, and diverse people in the country. There are endless things to do within the city, and within a short day’s travel, you can reach other major metropolises. Whatever brings to D.C., there are endless possibilities as your prepare to take the next step in your life.

Washington D.C. Tips for New Residents

There are 6 U-Haul locations staffed with moving professionals to help serve you throughout the Washington, D.C. area.

  • Getting to Know Your New Home – The city is divided into four quadrants by Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, and Southeast, and the same address may exist in each of the quadrants. Also, addresses start at the U.S. capitol, and as you get further from it, the number in an address increases. Walking tours are a great way to get to know Washington D.C. There are several local companies that do daily walking tours.
  • Public Transit – Washington D.C. also has an excellent metro system that is easy to use. The red and orange lines tend to get crowded during rush hour, and food and drinks are never allowed in the stations. Or if you prefer biking, the city has a bike-sharing program, and people ride bicycles everywhere. Bike lanes have replaced parking spots all throughout the city.
  • Parking – Washington, D.C. streets can be narrow, and street parking is limited. You may need a parking permit, and it might be tough to find a parking spot for a moving truck on your street so plan ahead.
  • Storage Space – Living in the city, storage space is limited. If you are downsizing or moving in with a partner, U-Haul has storage solutions throughout the city.
  • Cherry Blossoms – The National Cherry Blossom Festival celebrates Japans gift of cherry trees in 1912. The trees bloom every year in March and April and are spectacular to see. There can be up to over a million people visiting in a day to witnesses the cherry blossoms, and things can get congested.


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