What is Vehicle Storage?

RV's, cars, trailers underneth covered parking structure

U-Haul has the extra space you need. Vehicle storage solves issues with neighborhood parking ordinances and parking space limitations with the added security benefit of keeping your vehicle at a secure self-storage facility.

U-Haul locations have vehicle storage spaces that are up to 45 feet in length to accommodate any sized RV, boat or car. These spaces include enclosed, covered and uncovered storage spaces. U-Haul has the right vehicle storage for you, whether you have an RV, boat, car, pickup truck, ATV, project car, motorcycle or other vehicle.

RV's, cars, trailers underneth covered parking structure

Types of Vehicle Storage

RV Storage

RV parked nexted to storage garage

RV Storage

There are many reasons to store motorhomes, 5th-wheels and travel trailers. Motorhomes can get up to 45’ in length and more, which takes up a lot of space on your property. Many neighborhood ordinances do not allow extended RV & Boat parking.

Wide spaces are available, and can be helpful if you need to extend a slide out or want easier access to the coach. If you're looking for an enclosed or covered space for your RV, look for a storage space with a height of at least 14'. The 14' height will accommodate most RVs along with roof mounted air conditioners, satellite antennas, solar panels, and other roof mounted accessories.

Boat Storage

Boat on trailer in large storage facility

Boat Storage

Need a storage facility you can trust for your boat? U-Haul has storage spaces that will keep your boat safe when you're not using it.

U-Haul boat storage facilities are the perfect solution for both long-term and short-term storage. Indoor and outdoor storage spaces are available for winter boat storage or when you need a place to store your boat between trips to the lake.

Most boats will need a vehicle storage space that is at least 20' in length. A boat should also fit in a covered or enclosed storage space that is at least 14' tall. The 14' should be able to accommodate a boat with a wakeboard tower, speakers and other accessories. Consider the size of the trailer and motor when deciding on a boat storage space that best fits your needs.

Car Storage

Cars and RV in large storage facility

Car Storage

U-Haul has car storage spaces for any sized car, including coupes, hatchbacks, crossovers, SUVs and pickup trucks.

Common reasons for storing a car:

  • Not enough parking space at home
  • Traveling often
  • Winter vehicle storage
  • Project cars
  • More garage space
  • Extra security and protection from weather

Storage for Motorcycles and Other Motorized Vehicles

Man with motorcycle on a trailer

Storage for Motorcycles and Other Motorized Vehicles

Many U-Haul facilities offer small vehicle storage spaces for your motorized vehicle. Depending on where you live, these motorcycles and motorized vehicles can't be used year-round, and need to be stored somewhere between seasons.

Small U-Haul vehicle storage units are perfect for:

  • Motorcycles
  • ATVs
  • UTVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Jet skis
  • Dirt bikes

What Do I Need to Bring to Rent
Vehicle Storage?

  • Name of owner
  • Make of boat/vehicle
  • License plate #
  • Proof of insurance
  • Photo ID

Vehicle Storage Facility Features

  • Enclosed, covered and open parking
  • Valet parking*

*Note: Only available at select locations

Types of Vehicle Storage Units

RVs, trucks and trailers parked outside

Open Vehicle Storage

Open spaces are outdoor parking spaces for your vehicle at a storage facility. The storage facility will have an area on the property that is dedicated to vehicle parking. These dedicated parking areas may be paved, permeable ground cover, gravel, grass or a dirt lot.

Open outdoor spaces offer no protection from weather, so you may consider using a cover or wrap to provide protection from rain, sun, snow, etc.

Covered Storage

Covered spaces are also outdoors at a storage facility. These parking spaces have canopies under which you can park your car, truck, boat, RV or other vehicle. While covered storage is still outdoors, covered spaces provide protection from the sun, rain, and hail.

RVs, trailers, boat trailers under covered parking structure
RVs, cars, boats in large covered storage facility

Indoor & Enclosed Storage

Enclosed vehicle storage spaces are indoors. Rent a personal storage space for your vehicle and avoid harmful weather like from the sun, rain, snow, wind, dirt and dust. Climate controlled and/or heated areas are available.

Enclosed storage offers the most protection. These indoor vehicle storage areas are only accessible by the vehicle owners and facility staff.

There are many enclosed vehicle storage options. These spaces range from personal storage spaces for your vehicle, to parking your vehicle in a large structure such as a warehouse. In an open floor plan like a warehouse, your vehicle is parked alongside other vehicles in an indoor space.

These indoor storage spaces can be used for all types of vehicles, from RVs, boats, trucks, cars, motorcyles and more.

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