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Moving Tips to Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City has more to offer than the Great Salt Lake! For starters, the cost of living is about 6.5% less than the national average and the jobs are abundant. In fact, because of this, CNN even declared it to be the least stressed-out city in the United States. Alongside a stress-free environment, Women’s Health claimed it to be the healthiest city for women. If that’s not enough to keep you, the four seasons might. In Salt Lake City, you can enjoy a wet spring, dry summer, warm autumn and snowy winter. No more long travels to experience seasonal activities. Aside from great weather and atmosphere, Salt Lake City also has great schools; one example is the University of Utah. It is known for its great medical and research programs and was even the site of the first artificial heart transplant. Salt Lake City’s graduation rate is much higher than the national average as well. The high school graduation rate is 25% higher than average, bachelor degrees are more than double, and master degrees are nearly triple. So whether it’s great weather, great success or great health you come for, the city of the Great Salt Lake has it all.

Tips to moving to the Great Salt Lake

Moving to a new city or state can be confusing and frustrating. That’s why U-Haul has over ten truck rental locations for your convenience. Let us help you move with our trucks as well as our tips.

  • Is it Sunday? – When you are planning your move and as you get settled into the city, you’ll soon find that many businesses are closed all of Sunday. Make sure that you have planned accordingly. However, if you’re looking to rent or drop off a truck or purchase moving supplies, U-Haul will still have some locations open from 9AM to 5PM for your convenience.
  • A City Divided – The state of Utah is set up using the grid system. This means that the roads either go north/south or east/west. If you take note of this when you’re traveling, it can help reduce confusion if you get lost. Furthermore, I-15 has visibly divided Salt Lake City into the eastern half and western half. The western portion is known to be more affordable, culturally diverse and youthful. The eastern side is more expensive, partially due to its location and panoramic views. Keep this in mind when you are choosing which area is best for you.
  • Winter Wonderland – Due to the climate, Utah has some of the best snow in the country, perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor winter activities. Snowfall can start as early as October and go on until April. Generally, significant snowfall comes from November to March. While Salt Lake City utilizes snow removal services, it would be best to avoid moving during this timeframe. However, if you must move during the winter months, our MovingHelp® labor services can take care of heavy lifting while you enjoy the warmth in your new home.
  • Everyday Attire – Since Salt Lake City has such a diverse range of weather each season, be sure to pack clothing for every occasion. From snow to heat, be prepared for it all!

Did you know?

  • There are 11 different mountains within an hour’s drive. 4 of which actually get the most snow in the state of Utah. Whether you are headed out for a day on the slopes or you just want some scenery, Salt Lake City has got you covered.


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