• Sin depósito ni cargos administrativos
  • Acceso controlado electrónicamente
  • Habitaciones con alarma individual
  • Uso gratuito de carros para cargar
Ver todas las características
  • Monitoreo por video las 24 horas
  • Almacenamiento en interiores: el doble de protección y seguridad
  • Almacenamiento calefaccionado
  • Tarjeta de acceso personalizada
  • Gestión gratuita de cuentas en línea
  • Operadores de montacargas certificados para ayudar con los palets
  • Planes de pago automático gratuitos
  • Baño limpio para clientes
  • Almacenamiento de vehículos recreativos/vehículos/botes
  • Aquí se carga propano
  • Autoalmacenamiento accesible para discapacitados disponible
  • Tarifas asequibles
  • Tu cerrojo/tu llave
  • Una habitación para cada necesidad
  • ¡Abierto los 7 días de la semana!
  • Seguro de bajo costo disponible
  • Firma y recepción de paquetes
  • Candados, cajas, suministros para embalar
  • Limpio - Seco - Seguro
  • Acceso en vehículo para carga y descarga
  • Acceso las 24 horas disponible

Espacios de almacenamiento disponibles en esta instalación
(Todos los tamaños son aproximados)

Split Level Storage

Split Level Storage

Split-level storage units are located on one floor but divided into an upper and lower level. Upper level units may require stair access, while providing the same level of security and convenience as other storage units.

  • Ejemplo de disposición de unidades de almacenamiento

    5 ft x 10 ft x 8 ft

    Split Level 1st Floor Upper Level Heated
    1-2 Bedroom Home (up to 1,200 sq. ft.)

    por mes

    ¡Quedan 2 unidades!
Vehicle Storage (RV, Boat, Car & More)

Vehicle Storage (RV, Boat, Car & More)

Keep vehicles secure, avoid space limitations at home, and avoid neighborhood ordinances. Vehicle storage options include open parking space, covered spaces, or indoor/enclosed storage.

  • 10 ft x 20 ft x 99 ft

    RV/Boat/Vehicle/Parking 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate
    RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage

    por mes

Contenedores para mudanza y almacenamiento U-Box® ​​​​​​​

Nosotros te entregamos contenedores U-Box, tú los empacas y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestro depósito seguro. ¡Cárgalos a tu propio ritmo! Simplemente llámanos cuando desees que recojamos o entreguemos tus contenedores U-Box.

Elige a U-Haul como tu lugar de almacenamiento en Gearhart, Oregon, 97138

Convenientemente ubicada en 4320 Hwy 101 N, U-Haul Storage of The North Coast es una de las principales instalaciones de autoalmacenamiento de U-Haul. Al ofrecer un entorno limpio, seco y seguro, esta instalación de almacenamiento no tiene cargos por reservar y ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para las necesidades de almacenamiento de los clientes.

Unidades pequeñas, medianas o grandes disponibles

Esta instalación ofrece una variedad única de tamaños de unidades para satisfacer tus necesidades. ¿Necesitas ayuda para elegir el tamaño correcto? Consulta nuestra Guía de tamaños de autoalmacenamiento para obtener ayuda adicional.

Servicios adicionales:

  • Acceso las 24 horas disponible: pregunta si el servicio de autoalmacenamiento las 24 horas está disponible. Ten acceso a tus pertenencias cuando lo necesites fuera del horario de acceso estándar.
  • Almacenamiento con control de temperatura: esta instalación mantiene las temperaturas entre 65 y 85 grados durante todo el año, dependiendo del sistema para proteger tus artículos contra el calor y la humedad.
  • Acceso en vehículo al almacenamiento: esta instalación ofrece unidades convenientes y de fácil acceso en vehículo. Detente con tu vehículo, carga/descarga tus artículos y sigue tu camino.
  • Almacenamiento de vehículos: estaciona tu auto, bote, vehículo recreativo u otro vehículo motorizado en esta instalación. Infórmate sobre las características específicas disponibles, incluidas estaciones de descarga, enchufes eléctricos, puntos cubiertos y más.

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Cindy C. | Overall Experience |

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Bruce G. | Overall Experience |

Bar none, this one of the best storage places that I have ever used. I rented a space for 11 months and never had a problem with access, lighting, safety, or weather related problems. I seen no need to go anywhere else if I need a storage unit again. Thank you.

Danielle H. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

DEBORAH M. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Eric O. | First Impressions |

Everything was good except the storage unit was dirty.

Peter T. | Overall Experience |

The employees at this facility were very friendly and very helpful.

Bruce M. | Overall Experience |

Craig and the staff at North Coast provide excellent customer service. They are efficient and personable. No hassle check-in and are the best U-Haul group I have worked with. I have used Uhaul quite a bit in the last seven years and Craig and the staff at North Coast are the best. Thank you, Bruce Moffatt

Christopher P. | First Impressions |

Always smiling and on top of everything..

Dusty R. | First Impressions |

Excellent customer service from Jennifer. Answered all questions and offered solutions. Very helpful.

Jock W. | First Impressions |

The only negative was that I had reserved an outside unit a couple weeks before. I wanted an inside unit, but the outside was the only thing that was available at the time. When I went in - the outside unit wasn't available - a computer thing???? But they took care of me with 2 inside 5x10 units for the same price as a 10x10. So that works out great for me. Thus the excellent rating even tho there was a screw up.

Stephen B. | First Impressions |

Super helpful-staff. I-hail designed facility well-thought out and excellent climate control system.

Donald C. | Overall Experience |

I'm sure the storage units are fine and have no issues. The parking space I rented had no security and had people living in a motorhome next to it. It was almost impossible to back the boat into with other cars parked in the road way, in fact it almost impossible to pull it out when I came to get it. Also too many random people milling around with no fence or security. Just not a good fit for parking a boat.

Kimberley O. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Steffany P. | Overall Experience |

Craig is awesome. The heated storage was crappy for moving in the summer.

Kim B. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

John B. | Overall Experience |

We are very happy to be costumers of Uhaul😀

Daniel G. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

David F. | First Impressions |

Craig and the staff are always helpful and courteous. It's a pleasure doing business with North Coast U-Haul.

Donald C. | First Impressions |

The parking space is small and hard to access. The turn on the back of the north side of the building is too tight to be able to access from that side which is how one needs to approach to easily back in to the space. Perhaps moving the tires being stored there would create more room. The turn on the south side of the building is tight but doable. Unfortunately, it puts you heading in the wrong direction to back in. The middle was clogged with trucks and not accessible. Trying to back in by going down the middle and backing around the corner would not work due to two cars parked in the way. I ended up having to use the dolly with help from another customer.

Landon B. | First Impressions |

Friendly, knowledgeable, and easy to work with.

Jessica P. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Kathleen W. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Carol S. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

katie c. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Dawn R. | First Impressions |

The owner and staff go above and beyond to help. They are awesome. They helped me as much as they could. Very satisfied with the onsite staff and owner. Highly recommend only working ONSITE not online. I want to be clear. The ONSITE people are wonderful. The OFFSITE manager should not be giving out information. I signed up online, wanted a floor level. Offsite manager told me twice after making her look that there were 2 avaiable in 2 different buildings on the floor level. Verbally verified. When I came, only the second floor was available. This is not acceptable. No elevator. My husband has had 13 knee surgeries and 1 replacement the reason I verbally verified there was a floor level. The offsite manager should not be making calls when she doesnt know the inventory. As a manager she should have notified me that there might be an issue. I would have gone there personally to make sure I had a bottom floor unit. Making phone calls to verify should be double checked with onsite availability. Very unprofessional. Thank you.

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