• Acceso extendido y las 24 horas
  • Sin depósito ni cargo por gestión
  • Almacenamiento en interiores: el doble de protección y seguridad
  • Acceso controlado para tu protección
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  • Almacenamiento calefaccionado: ¡al igual que en tu hogar!
  • Acceso en vehículo para carga y descarga
  • Gestión gratuita de cuentas en línea
  • Consulta sobre nuestro plan de pago automático con tarjeta de crédito
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  • Operadores de montacargas certificados en el sitio
  • Camiones de mudanza
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  • Protección SafeStor
  • Abierto los 7 días
  • Limpio - Seco - Seguro
  • Firma y recepción de paquetes

Espacios de almacenamiento disponibles en esta instalación
(Todos los tamaños son aproximados)

Sustainable Drive Up Storage

Sustainable Drive Up Storage

Sustainable drive up storage units are located outside, offering the convenience and accessibility that any drive up unit would, with the added perk of being sustainable.

  • Ejemplo de disposición de unidades de almacenamiento

    7.3 ft x 23.5 ft x 6.8 ft

    Vanbody 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate
    2-3 Bedroom Home (1,600 - 2,000 sq. ft.)

    por mes

    ¡Quedan 2 unidades!

Contenedores para mudanza y almacenamiento U-Box® ​​​​​​​

Nosotros te entregamos contenedores U-Box, tú los empacas y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestro depósito seguro. ¡Cárgalos a tu propio ritmo! Simplemente llámanos cuando desees que recojamos o entreguemos tus contenedores U-Box.

Elige a U-Haul como tu lugar de almacenamiento en Edmonton, Alberta, T6E4W8

Convenientemente ubicada en 9521 51 Ave, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Southside es una de las principales instalaciones de autoalmacenamiento de U-Haul. Al ofrecer un entorno limpio, seco y seguro, esta instalación de almacenamiento no tiene cargos por reservar y ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para las necesidades de almacenamiento de los clientes.

Unidades pequeñas, medianas o grandes disponibles

Esta instalación ofrece una variedad única de tamaños de unidades para satisfacer tus necesidades. ¿Necesitas ayuda para elegir el tamaño correcto? Consulta nuestra Guía de tamaños de autoalmacenamiento para obtener ayuda adicional.

Servicios adicionales:

  • Acceso las 24 horas disponible: pregunta si el servicio de autoalmacenamiento las 24 horas está disponible. Ten acceso a tus pertenencias cuando lo necesites fuera del horario de acceso estándar.
  • Almacenamiento con control de temperatura: esta instalación mantiene las temperaturas entre 65 y 85 grados durante todo el año, dependiendo del sistema para proteger tus artículos contra el calor y la humedad.
  • Acceso en vehículo al almacenamiento: esta instalación ofrece unidades convenientes y de fácil acceso en vehículo. Detente con tu vehículo, carga/descarga tus artículos y sigue tu camino.

Comentarios de clientes de almacenamiento

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Nelly N. | Overall Experience |

A total waste of money regret choosing that storage , lucky enough it was not in winter time , imagine if the weather was freezing a lot of my furniture could have been damage honestly . Cashiers incompetent and very slowly service a shame in my point of view.

Paige S. | Overall Experience |

I was in one of the upstairs storage units which was a pain. The only way to access it was to go up was a very narrow set of stairs. I guess the price was okay but for the hassle to actually move in and out I don't think it was worth it. Staff were very friendly and very helpful.

Paul Francis B. | First Impressions |

Thank u so much

KAYLEN T. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Jeannot M. | Overall Experience |

That location is the best by far.

Jeannot M. | First Impressions |

They were friendly and very helpful.

DUANE F. | Overall Experience |

The roof leaked The lock hooks didn’t line up ... 10 min to just take lock off not to mention the fight to put it on The web page that has auto charge the credit card on time of billing dosnt work. Recieved hate mail each month The inability to do auto payment when getting storage was frustrating The space was locked to get to the unit. Each time a longgatted process Paying only a few months in advance rhrough the till seemed ridiculous Cash payment was also trouble. Preferred plastic because no cash till. Maybe an offer for checking out early on a paid would be a courtesy This form should have a comment area under each question .... was the faculty clean. Not so much - run down is more like it. Clean ish. What do you mean by clean? The staff was super good. Great people.

bujar m. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Lloyd B. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Laura J. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Stephanie G. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Kara L. | Overall Experience |

absolutley ignorant staff members extremly slow not understanding at all well NEVER EVER recommend or use again noithing but self centered douches that are there just for a pay check and dont care about nothing else dont worry ill put this on your web site too good for nothing

Michael M. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

William S. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Vivian L. | Overall Experience |

Randy and the staff were always pleasant and friendly during my stressful moving time. It was nice to return knowing I could count on them during my time there. Thank you all so much!

Patrick J. | First Impressions |

No comments

Vivian L. | Overall Experience |

Randy went above and beyond to meet my needs as a client. He was completely professional, although accommodating and pleasent to communicate with. He knew his job and his role. Thank you.

Fred K C. | Overall Experience |


Enock S. | First Impressions |

The lady who processed my application was very pleasant, helpful and professional. All questions were answered. 5 star service

KERIM A. | First Impressions |

The customer service was amazing was quick and very professional

graham m. | Overall Experience |

The only issue that i had was there seemed to be to many mice

MICHAEL R. | Overall Experience |

All good.

Michelle S. | First Impressions |

The staff at the Edmonton Southside this Sun and Mon. were amazing! I was going through a difficult moving experience and they truly went above and beyond and were so, so helpful. Thank you!!

Mary G. | First Impressions |

The price wasn’t right.but Uhaul took care of my needs, and they were necessary .

Julianna B. | Overall Experience |

There was a massive change in staff. Did not feel the upstairs units were particularly 'monitored' so pretty much anyone could wander up there - if there were keeping an eye on it is was very slyly.

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