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No hay habitaciones disponibles en línea en este momento

Llámanos o visítanos para consultar sobre el inventario adicional en la ubicación o prueba una de las otras ubicaciones cercanas a continuación.

Contenedores para mudanza y almacenamiento U-Box® ​​​​​​​

Nosotros te entregamos contenedores U-Box, tú los empacas y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestro depósito seguro. ¡Cárgalos a tu propio ritmo! Simplemente llámanos cuando desees que recojamos o entreguemos tus contenedores U-Box.

Elige a U-Haul como tu lugar de almacenamiento en Charleston, Carolina del Norte, 29403

Convenientemente ubicada en 584 King St, U-Haul Moving & Storage at King St es una de las principales instalaciones de autoalmacenamiento de U-Haul. Al ofrecer un entorno limpio, seco y seguro, esta instalación de almacenamiento no tiene cargos por reservar y ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para las necesidades de almacenamiento de los clientes.

Unidades pequeñas, medianas o grandes disponibles

Esta instalación ofrece una variedad única de tamaños de unidades para satisfacer tus necesidades. ¿Necesitas ayuda para elegir el tamaño correcto? Consulta nuestra Guía de tamaños de autoalmacenamiento para obtener ayuda adicional.

Servicios adicionales:

  • Acceso las 24 horas disponible: pregunta si el servicio de autoalmacenamiento las 24 horas está disponible. Ten acceso a tus pertenencias cuando lo necesites fuera del horario de acceso estándar.

Comentarios de clientes de almacenamiento

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Richard W. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Larry B. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Michael M. | Overall Experience |

Good location and convenient. Felt secure and met my needs for the time. Not sure why, but all the staff seem to be miserable working there. Not friendly at all. Also, the recurring payment choice never worked, and each month I had to call and hope they would remove late fee.

Jesse Z. | Overall Experience |

This is the only place that I know of that charges twice as much than anyone else to store items in a flood plain, Of course there is no grace period for paying the rent, even if you can’t get to the storage area due to a flood. Just out of curiosity, if the storage area were flooded and stayed flooded for 6 months straight, would you still charge rent for those six months during which our items were under water? I will not be back and neither will anyone that I speak with.

Max S. | Overall Experience |

There need to be trash cans more centrally located within the Uhaul storage area itself, the fact that we had to walk all the way around the entire building to get to the dumpster was extremely time consuming and ill-efficient. Clearly others feel the same way because there was constantly trash strewn through out the corridors. There is always a super long line in the customer service area and oftentimes associates who are unwilling and uninterested in helping whatsoever. On several occasions we had issues with Carol, who was not only demeaning, and apathetic but has the customer service ability of a dirty diaper. Sadly enough, she is the Manager or Owner!! As the highest on payroll she deserves a severe demotion and someone else needs to run that place. The only thing this place has going for it is its location and proximity to downtown. That and theres a young man who works there named TJ who is the diamond in the rough at that place. He works mostly outside, in the heat, helping to return and clean out the Uhauls. Our interaction with him was the only positive experience we can glean from patronizing with this Uhaul. He deserves a raise and a promotion for maintaining a positive attitude, being helpful, dilligent, willing to go above and beyond for the customer, all amidst clearly poor conditions and management that he has to work with. I hope his spirit doesnt get broken by the terrible attitudes of his colleagues and I hope UHAUL as a company regonizes his hard work and enacts stricter guidelines for the rude "managment" and "Customer service" agent you all have employed there.

tyronda v. | First Impressions |

The staff was very helpful to me and kind

Wilmer N. | Overall Experience |

Thanks for the excellent experience

Shane G. | Overall Experience |

Good people here that are ready to help

Lee G. | First Impressions |


Max S. | First Impressions |

TJ assisted us and he was awesome! Super helpful, friendly and personable. He was very professional and walked us through the whole process.

britney S. | Overall Experience |

Had to call the cops because no one would come pick up the ubox after 3 calls. Spent over an hour trying to get someone here. Horrible. Never using uhual again

Clint S. | Overall Experience |

My experience with charleston crew was great. But in DC, we had the hardest ime arranging an additional ubox that it made me want to never use uhaul again.

Jonathan M. | Overall Experience |

Good people and great location!!

Steph T. | Reservation |

The guys were super friendly and helpful. Check-in was painless. Facility is in a nice, safe area.

william g. | Overall Experience |

after only a wk my mattress (which was new/spotless) has a huge stain from what looks like a leak in the ceiling! Lock was non functioning which caused much inconvenience! Too bad, GREAT location!

Cheryl B. | Overall Experience |

I honestly never stepped foot at the facility. It was a holding/storage area for our U-boxes.

william g. | Reservation |

I ended up moving out. It was just bad from the service to the facility! I was only there 2 weeks. my nearly new mattress had a big stain on it!! How??? Leaky roof? Rat pee?? But they don't care!

Darrin s. | Reservation |

Carol the General Manager, is very rude and she took her slow time registering me for my purchases and she also screwed it up. Whn it was brought to her attention , she was very nonchalant ,and rude

Debbie C. | Reservation |

Great guy working Sunday, Sept 2 manning the whole place with truck check-ins, propane refills, storage unit rentals. All with a smile on his face. 2 thumbs up!

JOHN S. | Overall Experience |

A few broken items in U-Haul box shipment Help crew were pleasant, careful and professional

Manny G. | Overall Experience |

Carol and crew are the best.

Allison J. | Overall Experience |

Horrible place

Lewis J. | Overall Experience |

The staff were as pleasant as possible considering they were so understaffed. It took an hr and a half to pick up my pod and ovr 30 minutes just to drop it off. Hire more people!

Hillary B. | Overall Experience |

I received much help from the employees at this U-Haul location. However, the u-box (wood) was swollen from rain and would not shut. Then delivery was late. ridiculous that there is only one driver.

Salvador H. | Overall Experience |

Everytime I went there the Owner was very rude and I always waited in line for a long time.

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