U-Haul Makes Moving to Honolulu a Breeze

Hawaii’s state capital, Honolulu, has the highest population of all the Hawaiian Islands and serves as the main gateway to and from the continental United States. This major tourist destination offers a wide variety of Pacific culture and history along with stunning beaches and great weather. Regardless of where you live in Honolulu, it is recognized as a healthy and happy city. It was named the fittest city in the United States in 2004, and in 2009, it was ranked 29th worldwide for quality of living. The natural museums, performing arts, and visual arts are fantastic ways to spend your free time; there are also beach events and marathons that are hosted annually. The King Kamehameha I Statue, the five Pearl Harbor Historic Sites, and Nuuanu Pali Lookout are some of the famous landmarks to visit. With so much to do and see, its no wonder Honolulu is a top tourist spot. Make every day a vacation, and let U-Haul help you move to the Aloha State.

Tips for moving to the Aloha State

Moving to an island comes with many complications. That is why U-haul has multiple locations in Honolulu and over 30 locations throughout Hawaii. Additionally, here are some helpful tips for your move.

  • Moving to an island – Since you can’t drive a truck overseas, U-Haul provides an affordable, alternate method of transportation for your belongings. U-Box® containers can be shipped internationally as well as inter-island. Reserve your U-Box® unit today and start shipping.
  • Living by your budget – There are over a dozen distinct neighborhoods, boroughs, and districts in Honolulu; each one has its own type of residents and culture. For example, Kalihi and Palama are working-class neighborhoods, Nu’uanu and Pauoa are upper-middle-class districts, and Waialae and Kahala are upper-class districts. As there are many diverse neighborhoods and districts, there are plenty of options to help you find your right slice of paradise.
  • Downsizing – With the city located on an island, space is limited. Depending on your price point, you may be living in a smaller home than you are used to. Don’t worry; it may be a reduction in living space, but in exchange, you get to enjoy an amazing island paradise. If you find yourself running out of room at your new home, we have various self-storage options to make the most of the space you do have.
  • Language Barrier – Hawaii has its own language, consisting only of vowels (A, E, I, O, U) and seven consonants (H, K, L, M, N, P, W). About 75-80% of residents speak English, so there may be a language barrier in some areas. Be sure to brush up on a few necessary Hawaiian words before your move, just in case.

Did you know?

  • Hawaii is the only state that grows its own coffee.


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