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Espacios de almacenamiento disponibles en esta instalación
(Todos los tamaños son aproximados)

Depósitos de almacenamiento

Depósitos de almacenamiento

Located outside, drive up storage units provide customers convenience. Much like a garage at home, pull up with a vehicle anytime during access hours to quickly load and unload your possessions.

  • Ejemplo de disposición de unidades de almacenamiento

    5 ft x 10 ft x 8 ft

    Drive Up 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate
    1-2 Bedroom Home (up to 1,200 sq. ft.)

    por mes

    ¡Quedan 2 unidades!
    ¡Quedan 2 unidades!
Vehicle Storage (RV, Boat, Car & More)

Vehicle Storage (RV, Boat, Car & More)

Keep vehicles secure, avoid space limitations at home, and avoid neighborhood ordinances. Vehicle storage options include open parking space, covered spaces, or indoor/enclosed storage.

  • 12 ft x 25 ft x 99 ft

    RV/Boat/Vehicle/Parking Outside Level No Climate
    RV, Boat, and Vehicle Storage

    por mes

    ¡Queda 1 unidad!
    ¡Queda 1 unidad!

Contenedores para mudanza y almacenamiento U-Box® ​​​​​​​

Nosotros te entregamos contenedores U-Box, tú los empacas y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestro depósito seguro. ¡Cárgalos a tu propio ritmo! Simplemente llámanos cuando desees que recojamos o entreguemos tus contenedores U-Box.

Elige a U-Haul como tu lugar de almacenamiento en Cincinnati, Ohio, 45251

Convenientemente ubicada en 9178 Colerain Ave, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Northgate es una de las principales instalaciones de autoalmacenamiento de U-Haul. Al ofrecer un entorno limpio, seco y seguro, esta instalación de almacenamiento no tiene cargos por reservar y ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para las necesidades de almacenamiento de los clientes.

Unidades pequeñas, medianas o grandes disponibles

Esta instalación ofrece una variedad única de tamaños de unidades para satisfacer tus necesidades. ¿Necesitas ayuda para elegir el tamaño correcto? Consulta nuestra Guía de tamaños de autoalmacenamiento para obtener ayuda adicional.

Servicios adicionales:

  • Acceso las 24 horas disponible: pregunta si el servicio de autoalmacenamiento las 24 horas está disponible. Ten acceso a tus pertenencias cuando lo necesites fuera del horario de acceso estándar.
  • Almacenamiento con control de temperatura: esta instalación mantiene las temperaturas entre 65 y 85 grados durante todo el año, dependiendo del sistema para proteger tus artículos contra el calor y la humedad.
  • Acceso en vehículo al almacenamiento: esta instalación ofrece unidades convenientes y de fácil acceso en vehículo. Detente con tu vehículo, carga/descarga tus artículos y sigue tu camino.
  • Almacenamiento de vehículos: estaciona tu auto, bote, vehículo recreativo u otro vehículo motorizado en esta instalación. Infórmate sobre las características específicas disponibles, incluidas estaciones de descarga, enchufes eléctricos, puntos cubiertos y más.

Comentarios de clientes de almacenamiento

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MICHAEL B. | First Impressions |

John and Shane were both very professional and helpful! The space looked great - Thank You!

Thomas B. | Overall Experience |

Unit did leak onto my furniture, other than that. Would recommend to anybody

Jebediah R. | Overall Experience |

Very friendly, professional and knowledgeable manager and support staff. I ended up renting a truck for extended days and they made it easy. Then moved back out after renting one way equipment. Losing my father-in-law came with many unplanned situations... the staff made this part seamless. Thank you!

tracey j. | Overall Experience |

The staff are awesome, customer service is off the charts, they smiles and greeted me with love, keep up the good work.

Patricia S. | Overall Experience |

Thank You for everything I had A smooth move from Rochester N.H to Cincinnati.Ohio an the prices were good An a 30day free Storage God Bless Yall

kinesha c. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Kory P. | First Impressions |

John McNally was extremely helpful

RODNEY G. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Jordan B. | First Impressions |

The person who helped me did a great job thank you

Nina E. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Derrick C. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

oumar N. | First Impressions |

Poor customer service

Beth B. | First Impressions |

I could not believe the unit I had reserved was not available when I arrived after a 12 hour drive. Apparently the booking system and the reservation system do not connect therefore my unit was given away as it showed as available the day before I arrived.The young men working at 6pm had no clue what to do Extremely frustrating Yes accommodations were made the next day but not enough to overcome frustrations of previous day

Dominique S. | Overall Experience |

Other than down forgetting to check me out the day that I told them to check me out and almost charging me $15 late fee it was a pretty good place

vincient a. | Overall Experience |

We made a reservation with the general manager a week prior to needing a particular sized truck and was promised our most satisfaction. Sadly, promised satisfaction was not close to being MET. We had to switch our hours and got a smaller truck than we were promised. THIS MADE AN INCONVIENCE ON ALL OF US. WE HAD TO EVEN PAY EXTRA THAN WE WERE SUPPOSE TO BECAUSE OF THE INCONVENIENCE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE. I HIGHLY DON'T RECOMMEND ANYONE TO USE THE COLERAIN LOCATION. VERY DISGUSTED WITH OUR TIME SPENT WITH THESE PEOPLE AND THEIR SO CALLED COMPANY.

Casey T. | Overall Experience |

This storage facility might as well not have a roof on it for the amount of water that came in and ruined almost everything in it, in the 2 months I rented it.

Gary M. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

sheri B. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Beverly H. | Overall Experience |

First time ever that we used storage. There were no issues. Facility was clean and they make sure you leave it the way it was when you rented it. They take care of their customers.

DEBBIE K. | First Impressions |

John was great and very professional. The only thing that took a while was returning the truck early. I had a little trouble logging in to the return screen.

felicia s. | Overall Experience |


Lars C. | First Impressions |

I had great service both on Colerain Ave and in Lancaster where I picked up the truck.

Courtney S. | Overall Experience |

This was THE WORST experience. Many many many complaints cant put it all into words with characters limited! Would NOT suggest this place!!!!!! Needless to say we arent happy!

torrie s. | Overall Experience |

Great facility

Latorria G. | Overall Experience |

It all worked out very well for us! I wish they were move flexible with being able to dump things in the dumpster

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