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U-Haul Packaging / Mailing Tape is a transparent poly tape ideal for moving, storing, and mailing. It can also be used as a label covering that is approved by UPS and USPS.

  • 2" x 55 yards
  • Assembles 6-10 boxes
  • Fits the U-Haul tape gun dispenser

Packaging / Mailing Tape Reviews (129)

4 out of 5 stars with 129 reviews

Paul K.

Thin tape. Difficult to manage. I wish UHaul carried a heavy duty tape.

Matt K.

Very cheap quality, can’t recommend ever purchasing this one again.

Jennifer S.

There are spots on 2 parts of the rolls making it dang near impossible. I went out and bought 3m tape.

Marianne S.

Too thin

Chuck B.

Tape is not strong enough to hold boxes together

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Witch tape does u-haul recommend for actually putting your boxes together? This tape or the brown packing tape I see in some of your videos?

–Glenn 3/2/2019 7:25:38 PM

Hi, Glenn! The tape we recommend depends on what the box is being used for. For moving, we recommend our Box Tape - it tears by hand and is easily removed without needing scissors or a knife, making it perfect to keep up with the fast pace of moving.

For shipping, we'd recommend something designed for use with mailing, such as this tape or our Shipping / Strapping Tape. It really depends how hefty the load in the box is and how much it will endure during transit. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 3/4/2019 10:54:50 AM

how does the tape dispenser work, it seems rather lumsy

–dale spitler 4/23/2017 3:17:37 PM

Hi, Dale. Have you checked out the product video on this page? It does a pretty good job of showing how the dispenser works.

–TIMOTHY 4/24/2017 7:46:09 AM

What is the thickness, please? thanks

–Valerie 1/8/2015 10:01:08 PM

"1.8 mils" ... Thanks.

–Ronald 1/9/2015 9:12:48 AM

Will this tape fit on any packing tape dispenser or do you have to buy the tape gun?

–Kayla 7/1/2014 2:56:52 PM

Hi, Kayla! This tape roll should fit any 2” tape dispenser, but I would recommend using our tape gun dispenser for the best results. Thank you!

–Savannah 7/3/2017 11:47:45 AM

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