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The U-Haul tape gun dispenser allows for application of tape with ease. Its superior quality and high-impact, lightweight, plastic and steel design ensures durability while also minimizing fatigue. The dispenser comes fully assembled with one roll of U-Haul Packaging/Mailing tape.

  • Holds 2” Tape
  • Compatible with all U-Haul tape

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there HAS TO BE a better way to use the tape in the tape gun so many times tape sticks to gun and gets all messed up what a pain

Patricia P.

Recommends this product

Easy to use and with a small force, easy to replace the tape. The only problem I had was sometimes when I finish taping a box, the tape would roll backwards and I will have to try to find the opening again. But that was when I was getting closer to the end of the roll.

Donna M.

This is one of the worst items in the world. It is impossible to use and it is frustrating. The directions are bad and I got so mad with this, after 15 minutes of struggle, that I almost threw it away. I am returning it.

Scott H.

Recommends this product

Sturdy and well made. Highly recommend!.

Melvin C.

The tape sticks way to much to the metal plate. I spend more time fixing the tape

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What is the core diameter of the tape used to fit this tape gun?

–KAJ 8/22/2019 9:25:56 AM

Hello, Kaj! The diameter of the tape holder for this dispenser is 3". I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 8/29/2019 7:29:22 AM

Can these be shipped to business address? We would be ordering over a dozen at first and would order them frequently as long as the handle has a hole it for hanging it on the pin.

–Jim 10/29/2018 5:25:13 AM

Hi, Jim! Yes, we ship to any address that is able to accept FedEx delivery. Thank you!

–Savannah 10/29/2018 7:57:40 AM

What is the name of the tape that is included with the tape gun so that I can use the same type of tape

–Sippora Lehrhaupt 8/13/2016 10:25:41 AM

All of the tape sold on uhaul.com is compatible with the tape gun, but the roll included with the gun is our Clearly Moving Tape. Thanks for your question, Sippora!

–SAVANNAH 8/16/2016 4:25:57 PM

how many rolls of tape come with This dispenser

–Ron 1/29/2015 4:08:39 PM

Hello, Ron! The dispenser includes one roll of our Clearly Moving Tape. Thank you!

–Savannah 7/3/2017 12:40:24 PM

Is there clear tape in the tape gun?

–Renee 8/18/2014 1:15:40 PM

The tape included with the tape gun dispenser is our Clearly Moving Tape, which is clear. Thank you!

–Savannah 7/3/2017 12:37:39 PM

Can the brown paper 35 and 65 yd tape be used with this gun

–Steven Grizzle 7/3/2014 5:25:08 AM

Our moving supplies program manager writes: "Yes"

–Ronald 7/9/2014 12:22:52 PM

How wide is the tape that fits in this dispenser? Can I load my 3" tape into this dispenser?

–Joe 12/28/2013 3:58:54 PM

The dispenser was designed to handle 2" tape. Anything more than that would be too big.

–Stephen 1/13/2014 8:10:06 AM

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