EZGO® Propane Tank Holder and Stabilizer

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El EZGO recipiente y estabilizador para tanque de propano asiste con seguridad el transporte y almacenamiento de los tanques de propano de 20lb, 30lb, y 40lb. Este recipiente para tanque de propano tiene un diseño elegante y liviano que utiliza “pies” estabilizadores para evitar cualquier deslizamiento o inclinación mientras se está transportando. Durante el almacenamiento, el EZGO mantendrá el tanque fuera del suelo para ayudar a prevenir moho en la parte inferior del tanque, y evita que sus pisos y patios tengan manchas de moho o daños. Perfecto para ser utilizado para una barbacoa de patio trasero, fiesta al aire libre, o un viaje de acampar.

  • Dimensions: 15”x15”
  • Made in the U.S.A. with recycled materials
  • UV resistant

EZGO® Propane Tank Holder and Stabilizer Reviews (2)

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Mark L.

Recommends this product

I had tried the collar-type of propane tank holder earlier. They worked fine, but were not that rugged and so got broken easily. This EZGO version is very strong, and the tank is held pretty well within the base. i used it to transport my tank for refiling recently, and had no problems with the tank tipping over. It did bounce a bit (I heard it) on bumps, but it never seemed to become unstable. I believe this will be good for many years.

Agnes O.

holding our extra tanks without rusting our patio. Love it.

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Can I buy a propane tank anywhere and get it refill by you guys ? Or does the propane tank has to be bought by you guys to get it refilled?

–rene washington 5/15/2016 11:21:11 AM

You can buy a propane tank from anywhere!

We will fill the tank as long as it is safe to be filled and meets all DOT requirements. Thanks for asking!

–Joseph 5/16/2016 9:54:10 AM

Can the EZGO propane tank holder be bought at the store or do they have to be ordered on line ?

–Donald Fague 5/11/2016 4:41:11 PM

Hey Donald, right now the EZGO is an online only item.

Check back in the future and it may be available in stores, but right now you would have to order online in order to receive an EZGO.

Thanks for asking!

–Joseph 5/11/2016 4:52:13 PM

What size is this tank. How many pounds of propane does it hold

–Pamela Moore 6/1/2015 7:40:47 AM

Pamela, the EZGO is a propane tank stand that is used to prevent tipping.

If you were looking for a propane tank, we carry the 20 lb tank with gauge here!

–Joseph 6/1/2015 11:16:48 AM

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