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Los bolsos de burbuja son una manera ideal para cuidar y proteger artículos frágiles o recuerdos. Los bolsos de burbuja vienen en una caja de dispensación con 60 bolsos incluidos. Cada bolso mide 12 x 15 (LxW) y ofrece un sello adhesivo de 1/2 pulgada para cerrar sin molestias.

  • 60 bubble bags included with dispenser box
  • 3/16" bubble
  • Ideal for protecting and securing pictures frames, holiday ornaments, figurines, silverware, crystal, and more
  • No tape needed!

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Hilary K.

Recommends this product

I love this product. It is very versatile and can be used to store fragile items. You just tear off each bag from the roll. It even has a strip you tear off and becomes sticky once the items are in the bag in order to seal the bag. Great idea!


Never received. Supplier could not locate.

Marti C.

Great product. Delivered quickly

Brenda A.

Wish there was a smaller size. I love these but for smaller things need a smaller size.

Thelma T.

Loved these, perfect for dishes and smallish pictures! You can seal each one or leave it open...reusable!

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