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  • Enganche para distribución de peso NO INCLUIDO

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Control de balanceo; se monta en el enganche para distribución de peso.

  • Minimiza la oscilación del remolque causada por vientos fuertes, carreteras curvas o maniobras repentinas.

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Beth H.

Great product. Ordered a new one because we bought a new trailer

Danny B.

Great Product!

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We are bring back a 32 foot camper nfrom my is this what I need to help with towing

–April 8/14/2019 6:19:42 p. m.

Hi, April! Sway control is just one part of what you would need to complete your tow system. For a full quote on a complete tow system, please contact your local U-Haul Hitch Center. Thank you!

–Savannah 8/20/2019 10:54:21 a. m.

I have a chevy equinox and tow a pop up camper what type of sway bar set up will I need

–lisa 1/8/2019 4:46:39 p. m.

Hi, Lisa! The 70519 Sway Control works great if your trailer hitch and ball mount are equipped with sway control components. If you are not sure, please visit your local U-Haul Hitch Center for a free tow inspection and quote on towing combination specific parts. Thank you!

–Savannah 1/25/2019 11:51:19 a. m.

Using a 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche and Towing a 2015 jayco jay flight Slx. 17ft 3500lbs loaded What sway bar would I need to use?.

–Carrie main 7/8/2018 10:59:55 a. m.

Hey, Carrie! The 70519 sway control bar is the correct bar for your vehicle specifications. Thank you for asking!

–Savannah 8/10/2018 8:06:43 a. m.

Is the sway bar mounted to the hitch or the bumper?

–Cynthia Burkett 6/26/2018 3:21:59 p. m.

Hey, Cynthia! The 70519 sway control mounts to the weight distribution hitch. Thanks for asking!

–Savannah 6/27/2018 7:09:49 a. m.

How much do you charge to install a sway bar?

–Deborah Sample 4/12/2018 12:16:06 p. m.

Hi, Deborah! Please contact your local U-Haul Hitch Center for installation pricing information. Thank you!

–Savannah 4/13/2018 10:36:19 a. m.

Do you install the sway control bars? I have a 15ft trailer that needs one. I am in Dallas.

–R.P 3/25/2018 9:40:19 a. m.

Hello! Please contact a U-Haul Hitch Center near you to schedule an installation of a sway control. Thank you!

–Savannah 3/27/2018 11:01:54 a. m.

how does this sway control ball mount work

–richard 2/1/2017 6:38:35 p. m.

The 70519 sway control mounts to the trailer frame and the hitch system ball mount resisting trailer sway.

–TIMOTHY 2/2/2017 3:19:11 p. m.

Do you rent sway bar equipment?

–Kathy King 8/5/2016 8:54:52 a. m.

Sorry Kathy, we do not rent sway bar equipment. This item can only be purchased for you to keep permanently. Thanks for your question!

–SAVANNAH 8/10/2016 10:13:25 a. m.

how many sway control units (part #70519) are required (1 or 2) on the Round Bar Weight Distribution Hitch 1200?

–Shaun Moen 6/10/2015 7:15:15 p. m.

Larger trailers may require the use of two friction sway control units.

Thanks for asking.

–Joseph 7/6/2015 5:19:03 p. m.

I have a 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Turbo and I will be towing your 12'x6' trailer. I already had the hitch installed by UHaul. I'm wondering if I need to be using a sway control bar as well. Thanks for your help.

–Adrian 9/27/2014 7:58:55 a. m.

Please contact the closest UHaul center to you for advise on this issue. Thanks.

–Ronald 9/29/2014 8:34:59 a. m.

I will be towing a 5x8 trailer from Uhaul with a 12' GL 450. I do have a hitch ready but don't know if I needed something else aside from the receiver and ball.

–Kyle 3/24/2014 4:34:46 p. m.

Our hitch pro writes: "Along with the hitch, ball mount and ball, your vehicle will need the industry standard 4-flat wire harness. Before your scheduled pick up, please visit your local U-Haul center for a free towing inspection."

–Ronald 4/3/2014 8:10:34 a. m.

I have a V6 4 Cylender 4x4 Toyota 4Runner with tow packsge. I want to tow a 5000# GVRW travel trailer, what do I need?

–Lorie 3/5/2014 9:47:57 a. m.

Our hitch pro writes: "Your Toyota 4 Runner will require a transmission cooler, brake control unit, trailer wiring harness, a receiver hitch rated for the trailer GVWR, and the use of a weight distribution hitch and sway control are also recommended. Please visit your local U-Haul Hitch Super Center for a free tow inspection, a U-Haul hitch pro can determine the extent of your tow package and give a complete quote for the necessary parts."

–Ronald 3/6/2014 3:46:44 p. m.

Towing a 40 foot pioneer camper with a ford f150 . What kind of hitch and stabilizer bar do i need. Not a fifth wheel rig but a back bumper hitch

– 11/14/2013 10:17:56 a. m.

The UHaul Hitch Central Department writes ... Please select a receiver hitch that has a weight distributing rating equal to or greater than your trailers gross trailer weight rating. In addition to the receiver hitch, please select the Straight-line weight distribution hitch, part No. CQT66088; Prodigy brake control, part No. 13522; Universal towing mirror, part No. 11960; Heavy duty transmission cooler, part No. 13238. After selecting the product, please set an appointment with your nearest U-Haul location or have the parts shipped to your home.

–Ronald 11/18/2013 8:44:12 a. m.

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