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This kit makes packing and shipping easy. It ensures that your pictures have maximum protection during your move so that it arrives safely at your destination.

  • Dimensions of external box: 35” x 45” x 5-3/4” (L x W x D)
  • Holds pictures up to 41” x 31” (L x W)
  • Includes 1 shipping box, 2 foam panels, 4 corner protectors, 4 foam bumpers, and 8 button head cable ties

Picture Shipper Reviews (10)

4 out of 5 stars with 10 reviews

John G.

Recommends this product

Very well made!

Lora G.

They were a little hard for me to put together and the instructions were to dark to read. Looked them up online and finally did it. They were tight and fit well. I’ll be anxious to see how well they shipped.

Albert D.


William S.

Needs some type of intermediate spacer to better hold thinner objects as the corner foam pieces are hard to compress.

Catherine M.

I disliked this product so much that I did not use it. Cardboard corners are far betting for moving glass framed pictures.

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How many pictures will fit in a box

–Sheila 11/8/2013 11:28:27 AM

The picture shipper is designed for one picture.

–Ronald 11/8/2013 11:35:15 AM

What is the rating on the box? How thick is the box( max. thickness of picture)?

–Ari 1/16/2014 1:53:50 PM

The Picture Shipper can hold pictures up to 3" thick.

–Stephen 2/12/2014 7:33:23 AM

Can this hold 3 picture frames 39"L x 27"W x 1"?

–Emma 2/17/2014 1:24:46 PM

Yes, this shipper would be able to accommodate that.

–Stephen 2/21/2014 7:14:38 AM

How does the inner and outer box go together.

–Dennis Shanahan 3/10/2014 5:48:46 AM

There is no inner and outer box. The two foam pads secure together using a tie system that holds the product in place. The pads, once secure, slide into the box.

–Stephen 3/13/2014 9:40:17 AM

can this accommodate a picture frame that is 4" deep for self moving? Your other picture boxes look like they only handle up to 3 1/2" deep.

–Nick 5/24/2014 11:02:44 AM

Our buyer writes: "Yes you can fit a 4” deep frame into our 35X45” size Picture Shipper."

–Ronald 5/27/2014 2:19:10 PM

I need to move a. 60" x 100" mirror. Do you have a product to keep the mirror from breaking en route? A box or shipping pads?

–Mrs. Ames 7/5/2014 7:52:20 PM

Our box manager writes: "Unfortunately we do not carry a box that will accommodate a mirror that large. We have a Grand Wardrobe box that measures 45.25" W x 70" L lying flat. Perhaps you can protect the mirror with furniture pads and surround it with multiple wardrobe boxes and wrap with stretch wrap. "

–Ronald 7/11/2014 11:21:07 AM

How much does this box kit weigh?

–Carol Adams 2/14/2015 7:07:32 AM

5.25 pounds. Thank you.

–Ronald 2/16/2015 11:06:48 AM

Would this be suitable for movement on commercial aircraft?

–D. Mey 12/20/2015 3:21:23 PM

Baggage requirements differ from airline to airline so your best bet will be to ask the company which you are flying with whether or not that box will be suitable for movement on a commercial aircraft.

–Joseph 12/22/2015 10:34:31 AM

Can I use 2 picture box kits to hold a 60” x 44” framed picture

–Prudence A. Geisel 6/18/2018 4:10:15 PM

Hello, Prudence! Picture shippers are not designed to be used together. However, two of our Large Mirror & Picture Boxes can be telescoped together to reach a size of 60" x 48" x 4-5/16" (with 4" of the boxes overlapping). Since the large picture boxes do not come with any sort of protective material, here are some suggestions:

I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 7/16/2018 9:48:18 AM

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