Quick Facts about Kelowna, BC – Get to Know Your New Home

Kelowna, derived from the Okanagan term “grizzly bear,” is the largest non-coastal city in British Columbia. With so many fun things to do in the city, it’s no wonder residents choose to live here. If you like hockey, Canada’s favorite past-time, you are in luck. Kelowna is home to the Kelowna Rockets, where they play at the Prospera Place arena. If you are in the mood to shred some powder, Kelowna is a close drive to Big White, the third largest ski resort in British Columbia. Does Kelowna sound too cold? Don’t worry, the winters are mild, compared to other Canadian climates. It also has four distinct seasons, which means you can hit the slopes in the winter, and take your boat out to Okanagan Lake in the summer. If you are into water sports, Kelowna hosts the Kelowna Hydrofest, which is the largest professional boat racing series in all of Canada. Another notorious Kelowna event is the Center of Gravity Festival. It is hosted in downtown Kelowna and features events such as beach volleyball, wakeboarding, BMX, live music and more. Be sure to get yourself a ticket and you will become one of the locals in no time. Now that you have a feel for the city, let us help you make the move to Kelowna. Welcome to one of Canada’s greatest cities!

Moving Kelowna is an Adventure - Have Fun on Your Journey!

Moving Tips:

With the help of local businesses, U-Haul has nearly a dozen locations within the city of Kelowna alone; we have the resources and knowledge to assist you as you prepare to take this next step in life.


A community of cars – Kelowna has the highest car dependency rate in Canada. With that being said, there is often high traffic volume, but also many new roads and freeways to get throughout the city. Highway 97, aka Harvey Ave, is known to be the busiest road in interior British Columbia; if possible, try to find an alternative route for your move. If you’re able to move in the winter time, this will help minimize traffic as well.

Transforming to transit – Although Kelowna primarily depends on cars, the city is working on becoming greener. Kelowna Regional Transit was the first transit system in Canada to have hybrid buses on regular transit routes, as well as one of the first to have double-decker buses. To encourage the Kelowna community to utilize the transit systems more, the transit communities are offering up free GradPasses to recent grads. If you’re a recent graduate moving into the city, look into getting a GradPass to check out the city for free, before your big move.

Knowing your neighborhood – With the Okanagan Lake bordering half of Kelowna, the city is bound to be broken up in to diverse segments. Each of Kelowna’s 12 major sectors has their own history and personality.

Which sector is your new home?

    • West Kelowna – This sector is the only one located on the western side of Okanagan Lake. It had nearly a dozen different schools and is comprised mostly of single homes, condos and townhomes. Over the years, more people have been moving to West Kelowna, causing it to grow at an exponential rate.


    • Downtown Kelowna – Aka Kelowna North. This downtown area is very diverse. It even brought in the 2004 title of “Cultural Capital of Canada.” This sector of Kelowna is full of history, art and culture. Fun Fact: This sector used to have a Chinatown!


    • Lower Mission – This sector is just five minutes from Downtown Kelowna; it’s borders consisting of KLO Road, Barnaby Road, Okanagan Lake and Gordon Drive. In Lower Mission you can find cafes, restaurants, stores and Gyro Beach, Kelowna’s most popular beach.


    • Glenmore – Glenmore is actually divided into two sections, Glenmore and Glenmore North. It is bordered by Downtown Kelowna, Highway 97 and Okanagan Lake. This sector is one of Kelowna’s oldest, more diverse, most established neighborhoods.


    • Kelowna South – This sector, situated between Kelowna North and Lower Mission, is diverse in the sense that it is home to Okanagan University College, as well as some of the most historic homes in Kelowna.


    • Springfield/Spall – This sector is located just northwest of Mission Creek. If you’re not sure where to live in Kelowna, this would be a great place to start. It is close to all types of amenities, such as Orchard Park Shopping Centre, City Transit, businesses and more. It has a wide range of housing styles to suit all needs.


    • Black Mountain – This sector is on the easternmost portion of Kelowna. It is the closest to Big White, of all the sectors. It is also a decent distance between Downtown Kelowna, Rutland, the hospital and the lake.


    • Upper Mission – Don’t be fooled by its name, Upper Mission is the southernmost sector in Kelowna. It is bordered mostly by Okanagan Lake, and is primarily residential.


    • South East Kelowna – South East Kelowna is one of the most rural sectors in Kelowna. It contains Gallagher’s Canyon and The Harvest, which are two of Kelowna’s finest golf courses.


    • Dilworth – Dilworth is located right in the middle of Kelowna, which means it is near all of the amenities you could want. It is one of the newest-build sectors, so you’re bound to find a new house to fit your needs.


    • Rutland – Rutland, located just north of Black Mountain. Much like South East Kelowna, this is a sprawling area, perfect for those with an active lifestyle.


    • Ellison – This is the north easternmost sector of Kelowna. It borders Rutland to the north and Duck Lake to the south. It is a mostly residential area, like Upper Mission.


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