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I need for you to send me a receipt with the total price payed for services via email for my records

Meghan J.

Didn't receive my dolly but had to pay for it

Pamela S.

When I registered, there wasn't anything indicating that I had registered but hadn't completely rented my truck. I found out when I got to the location and had to take 20mins to secure my rental over the phone. It should be reeeeeally clear of a two part process that clearly distinguishes between a reservation and a rental.

Colby S.

They lied to me saying my order had been canceled because I was late, said they did not have the key but then told me it was behind the counter after forcing me to re-book. Totally dishonest business practice, was also in the middle of the ghetto did not feel safe.

Arthur A.

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Willie R.

Get honest people to conduct your business. I was scammed by this location. Very displeased and I will continue to let my experience be known . do not rent a truck from this location. They make Uhaul look bad!!!!

sean V.

Someone does not do quality control at Uhaul. The neighborhood is sketchy and so is the store. The owner did not know how to check me in. When he had trouble he showed me the error in his phone and pointed it at. We couldn't really talk because he was behind bullet-proof glass. I had no idea what he was pointing at except an error message. His solution was for me to take my vehicle somewhere else. I said no and called customer service. His incompetence was now my problem. The customary service person told him he needed to call customer support. He started calling them but then had other customer come in — to buy cigarettes with change only, another customer bought their can of beer with food stamps, delivery people bringing items, etc. he was the only person there working so I had to wait. It was 45 minutes before he got back to me. I had to remind him that he was supposed to call customer support. He confirmed with whoever he was talking to that I could leave and it would be handled. The check I process took over an hour. When I got out to my car, my wife was eager to leave. She said she had a homeless person cone up to our car and look in to see what we had in there. She didn't feel safe either. Uhaul, you need to check out your locations and make sure they fill people with confidence. This place was bad news and incompetent. And that does not include my initial frustrations with picking up the trailer. I don't have confidence in Uhaul.

Hannah C.

Please see customer service ticket

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