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Testimonios de recientes clientes de U-Haul Storage of Fargo

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Breanna R. | First Impressions |

Travis was incredibly helpful!

Randall D. | First Impressions |

Thank you Andrew is friendly and courteous he was very helpful and knowledgeable about U-Hauls storage policies and units available.

Amanda J. | First Impressions |

They were so accommodating and helpful.

Keighla H. | Overall Experience |

I had nothing but trouble in EVERY transaction and experienced nothing but delays. They cannot even answer their phone not respond to corporate telling them to contact their customer!

David K. | Overall Experience |

We'll use uhaul for all my moving and storage needs.

erika v. | Overall Experience |

The staff helped me quickly obtain a safe storage unit with 24 hr access. No fuss or complications. That meant a lot to me. Thank-you.

Brooke B. | Overall Experience |

I did not like the water damage in my unit when they told me they were going to fix it

Kaleb F. | Overall Experience |

They were supposed to put a note on my account that my move out date would be April but they kept asking for April's payment when my stuff had been out and I hadn't been using their service.

robert l. | First Impressions |

very helpful

Ann S. | Overall Experience |

The only thing i did not understand is why the unit could not be prorated?We just needed 1 extra day to be out and uhaul wanted to charge us a whole month..Could someone explain to me the reasoning ?

Rachel L. | Overall Experience |

Everything was great, i just wish I could have gotten a refund for this month because i closed my account the day after getting billed on autopay.

Niketa P. | Overall Experience |

Only thing I didn’t like was how much the price was and the late fees are extremely expensive. I thought you supposed to have a grace period

Nichole S. | Overall Experience |

Unit leaked water. Called and emailed and told them I had vacated the unit and 1 1/2 months later I'm still receiving emails/letters about them threatening to sell my belongings for non payment.

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