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Evangelos P. en


Very good customer service and friendly person, but the location was not where I had opted to pick up. I was driving 3 hours to get there and you texted me a new location en route. Not cool, I do no think I should be expected to text and drive. Your inventory management is in desperate need of an update. It is unacceptable in 2019 to not know what truck is available where, worse, for you to make me think you do and then delay me by an hour when i am on a tight timeline. No respect for me as a person.

Andrew W. en


Told me where to back and disconnect it then walked back inside. Didn't have a tripod to set the tongue on. I guess it's fine on the ground I let it down gently. Was not present until 10 minutes after their office hours. Provided false information on the phone and we got charged for an extra day because of it (which was refunded by UHaul thanks guys!)

Carl M. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Michael K. en


If you are going to have storage locations as drop off locations at least have someone there who is able to move and walk. This person was NO help. Almost had to do everything for myself!!

Osei O. en


Wonderful experience, great service and staff. Fast fun and friendly!

linda k. en


The woman who helped us was very nice.

Jeremy S. en


Cheryl was extremely nice and accommodating, and the truck was well maintained and ready ahead of schedule. An overall great experience!

Jeffrey R. en


No room to park a large truck. Poor lighting.