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Paula F. en


We were changed to this location because where we were supposed to pick up a Truck in same town, no one was there, equipment was, but doors locked. Called but got fax machine. Called the 800 number, they got same response, fax machine. She got me a truck at Wolf's, larger truck, but same prices as the smaller truck. Found Wolf's, guy at desk was nice enough. We got the 20 ft truck, was still frustrated because of other place no show. Our mistake was we did not check the milage on the truck nor the gas Gauge against the paper work. He told us there was a quarter tank. When we got in the screen showed 36 miles to empty, Gauge read an 8th of a tank. When we got the truck back, a high estimate from us and on the paperwork of 90 miles turned into 115 miles. Told the young man there was no way. He said that was what the odometer showed. I also told him there was an 8th of a tank, not a quarter. He said that they start up the trucks and let them run, that maybe why the gas Guage did not match the paperwork. I paid it. Contacted U Haul through a Private message. They researched it, I gave them my exact route and they were kind enough refunded me the difference and will take it up with the owner. Kudos for the people in Corporate, not so much for the 2 U-Haul locations in Moore Haven, Fl .

Gregory K. en


I'm writing you to explain the issue I had. I reserved a one way car transporter from Lake Placid to home in Royal Palm Beach. I met people to pick up a car at your highway 27 location, but when I used your site to google maps the correct location that had my transporter it sent me 30 minutes out of the way to an empty field. I contacted uhaul which changed my reservation to Moore Haven, FL that was an extra 30 minutes out of the way. Loss of time, that turns into money was awful. Contact me to discuss. My cell number is listed below. I do want to reiterate that the staff at all locations was great and not a reflection in any way against uhaul. I understand things happen, but this IT issue was unexpected and stressful especially during the time of a post Natural disaster ( hurricane Irma) Greg 561-723-2500