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Arthur B. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Alexis H. en


My reservation was incomplete I requested for an appliance dolly in my reservation and was told my reservation was guaranteed and the appliance dolly was never there I had to go to another location and complete separate paperwork to get it which was time consuming. Also the device the employee used to check me in was horrible I had to use my phone to complete the check in because he could not type in my information.

Amber P. en


I scheduled the trailer for pickup at the Greenbrier location. A woman from uhaul called on Thursday to tell me they did not have the equipment at the scheduled store and that I would have to pick up at another location. When I scheduled the trailer, I purchased a hitch receiver and requested furniture pads. I was told that I would have to go to the original pick up location (Greenbrier) to get the receiver. She told me that they would have the furniture pads at the new pick up location. I am not from the area, so having to drive to multiple locations is really annoying. I went to Greenbrier and picked up the receiver (I did see a 6x12 trailer in the lot), and then drove to the new location. It was located in a run down area. The man at the location was very nice, but it took over 40 minutes to complete the info for rental-which was done on a phone. I had already completed most of the information before arrival, and only left off the hitch/tow info for my truck. After 30 min, I realized that I had forgotten to ask about the furniture pads. The response was, ‘We don’t have them at this location, but they do at the Greenbrier location. You can pick them up there.’ I said, ‘are you kidding!? I was just there.’ I told him to take them off of the order. Again, I am not from the area, and this was my first time towing a trailer. I wanted to drive it around as little as possible. This was a huge inconvenience, and had to make do with The few blankets I brought with me. I had to renter my credit card info multiple times at this location, so now I’m just waiting to see how many times I was charged...

Alex S. en


Better website. Way to slow to upload information. Having a invoice printed out for each order so materials aren't forgotten.