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D-Bruce R. en


Only thing is we wanted a bigger frig cart, but, it worked ok.

shannon S. en


got the run around for my deposit back. was told one thing at drop off, waited 5 days, went back, to find out that I will get a cheque in the mail in 5-10 days, after having to wait 30+ minutes, even though I paid debit at pick up. very disappointing.

Ted R. en


Make sure that the actual person is there to work with you. I had to be on the phone back and forth throughout the night giving personal pieces of information after i left all of my personal information days before when i originally booked the trailer. It took many calls to confirm that i actually got the trailer for the time i needed. I could not even understand the guy. When i picked up the trailer i signed for it at the front gas bar to a young girl. There was no one to meet me to see if everything was ok. What If i did not know how to hook it up? Good thing that i did. I am glad that uhaul was at least able to work with me to get the trailer but in that situation it was not a good experience overall. But my original call to order the trailer and drop off was excellent.

David S. en


Again no inspection, just gave name to person at counter and he said good to go.

Jeff Z. en


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