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william K. en


Use a different location !!!

Gregory M. en


I got to the pick-up location in Scranton about 1220. With a posted opening time of noon, the door was locked. I asked a passerby if he know the situation. He knew and call the agent, Chris, who came about 5 minutes later. He said he “had just got the text about the pick-up.” An hour into our time with Chris, he had established two facts: 1. He had a 15 foot truck but no key and was unable to contact anyone who knew the key’s whereabouts. 2. The only other truck he had was a 10 footer. We only determined these when I inadvertently signed out for the 10 foot truck (it never occurred to me that he would rent me a truck other than on the one I reserved) and I questioned why he took us (my parents, who were my moving crew) to a 10 foot truck. He showed the order he has just gotten for a 10 footer, and I showed him my confirmation for the 15 footer. Twice in that hour of research he reported on the phone that “She signed out the 10 foot truck but doesn’t want it. She wants a 15 footer.” Twice my father asked him to reword his statement because it sounded like I arbitrarily changed my mind. Twice he re-reported that she reserved a 15 foot truck. It seemed like taking responsibility for the mistake was too hard. Toward the end of the hour he was on the phone with a reservation agent with area-wide visibility. The agent reported that a 15 footer was available not far away, but we determined that it was ~90 minute round trip, not including processing and sign-out time. As we approached the one and half hours with Chris, my father got on the line with the U-Haul reservation agent. My father declined the alternate location because our timeline to move out of the Scranton apartment didn’t have what would be closer to 2 more hours to spare. The agent said she would credit my credit card $50 because of not meeting the guarantee of having the reserved truck for us. My father asked for more consideration because (a) we have to rework much of our moving plan, and (b) $50 amounted to less than 10% of the total cost of renting the truck. She said did not have the authority to override corporate policy. My father asked to speak to someone who did, so she sent him to the “push 1 for reservations, push 2 for customer service” queue. After waiting on hold for about 8 minutes, my father hung up. We simple didn’t have the time to spare. I know you have some weather problems in PA the day before, but of the ~1.5 hours with Chris at least half of his and my time was spend on hold with U-Haul agents somewhere. I was told that I would be credited $50 because U-haul could not fulfill the guarantee, but after waiting almost two weeks, I had to contact customer service again for the refund. Because I had a smaller truck that I planned for, I had to take a second trip for part of my move and used nearly all of the refund paying for the extra gas. Related but less important is that my driver later realized that the 10 foot truck hadn’t been cleaned. In the cab was (a)

John F. en


Go to the main Uhaul facility off Lackawanna Ave.