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Kodjo A.

I was surprised with the online contract. It was simple and clear. No time wasting. Good job. The only major thing for me, you should have a secure app from where we can send you the picture of the driver license. I didn't like that someone behind the desk of a corner store takes a picture of my ID with her cellphone. That's how identity fraud happens. I asked to delete after the transaction but even then, she could easily restore the deleted picture from the cell trash.

Cindy M.

Very disappointed overall from thé false représentation of your rental fées and standards I have rented before elswhere and thé Price quoted at the beginning should be thé final Price With exception to the km As for thé renter it was long before I could actually take the truck, I had to remove the snow off of it myself and i have no idea if it was sprayed down with antibacterial before. Nothing was said and it didn't seem to be a concern Elsewhere they do it in front of you before you get in . I expected to get less service because I was paying less but in the end my bill was the same price as elsewhere Needless to say I will go elsewhere in the future


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