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Charles M. en


Since check in occurred from 4:50 pm to 5:20 pm UHaul assessed me a $20 late check in fee......and I was not due for return until the next day at 12:30 pm. I thought I was doing UHaul a favor only to be charged a ridiculous fee if $20. I hope you have the common sense to waive this charge.

kurt D. en


Require all of your pick-up and drop-off locations to provide a paper copy of the contract. The drop location didn't have working internet, so the clerk promised to email me a copy asap. When I received my copy, there was a cleaning fee of $28.36 charged to my credit card with no explanation. I returned the truck clean and after a call to Uhaul customer service, I received a partial refund, again with no explanation.

Tammy S. en


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Teresa L. en


Excellent experience driving over 3800 miles from San Diego to Alaska ! The cab was comfortable as my wife and I made a vacation type trip out of it. Sound system worked well , outside and engine not too noisy in the cab and had a great view of the beautiful sites on the trip high up in the cab. Overall good experience for hauling all of your possessions across the country. Checking the vehicle out and back in was seamless. Glad we got the extra insurance as a semi truck took out the driver side mirror along the way - never know what might happen. Only complaint - not sure whose responsibility but the tires on the truck were not the right tires for a trip to Alaska and we had some snow and ice along the way we had to drive 30 mph for hours. I think uhaul should have realized this since it is their industry but maybe they leave that to the customer to request ????? But most customers aren’t going to think of things like that doing something like once or twice in their life. Otherwise I would recommend uhaul over other companies - saw other moving vans on the road from large known moving rental companies and we were glad we did uhaul. The cost savings moving our selves in a uhaul was over 10,000.00 and it wasn’t as hard as it may have seemed. We are both in our fifties with friends and family to help load and unload - but made a pleasant trip going from start to end. After 9 days on the road in a 26’ uhaul - we still love each other ??.