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RAY M. en


Upon pick up a uhaul rep was not thereat pick up time. Arrive at 9am and no one for uhaul had arrived when we left at 9:30. If we hadn't reserved on line no one would have been able to help us. Heston Hauling employees were very accommodating and finally got the district rep on the phone to assist us. The return day the uhaul rep arrive at 9:05 which was much better than the day before. Everyone was very friendly and apologetic for the delays.

Ralph E. en


No,great service

Richard B. en


Great at taking care of a guest who was totally mishandled on the busiest weekend of the month. The front counter staff did an excellent job of trying to fix the already challenging gong changes to the reservation

Chadwick P. en


El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Vanessa R. en


I arrived to pick up our uhaul and there was no one there who could rent us our truck at the time we requested which was 8am because of this we missed our appointment to board our cat for our move and we sat there for two hours until someone finally arrived to rent us the truck. The tow truck driver on duty that morning was very kind and apologetic and the person who finally showed up to rent us the truck was also very kind and apologetic but the whole experience cost us time and money and we had to find another place for our pet day of which just added to the stress of moving. I would not recommend renting a uhaul again to any friends. I would try another truck rental company in the future.

Alice M. en


Have them tell you about the tools of the truck. Like where the haul button in the stick. How the engine down shifted every time you stepped on the breaks, it made the engine whine so loud I thought it might break. your customers are not professional drivers and should be told about what to expect, especially on cross country drives!!!