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2927 E Vista Way   Vista, CA 92084

(760) 208-2356

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(760) 208-2356

2927 E Vista Way
Vista, CA 92084

Servicios en esta ubicación:

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Truck was given to me on empty. Truck roof was covered with eucalyptus debris that flew off into the traffic behind me, causing many to swerve. I received no email, or no paper receipt showing that I paid in full. As I mentioned, truck was empty so I went to have it filled. After about 15 gallons were dispensed, gas started POURING out of the bottom of the truck. $80 dollars worth - all over the concrete. I called roadside assistance (very helpful) and they sent someone to help me (also very helpful). Had to wait for over 2 hours at the gas station and when the technician finally arrived and crawled under the car, it was determined that there was a hole in the gas tank. This of course, would explain why they truck was given to me on empty. After the hole was repaired, I went home and prepared to load it. It was then that I saw there was no padlock provided (my uhaul rental from 2 weeks before had come with a padlock), so I had to purchase one late that evening. When I finally was able to begin to load the truck, I opened the back and found that it was FILTHY and had to be thoroughly cleaned before I could move my belongings into it. Over all - very disappointed.

Tracy K. 
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