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Stephen P. en


I'm not sure what went wrong. But my truck wasn't available where I originally went. Uhaul sent me 6 miles and 25 minutes out of my way. The uhaul app wouldn't let me do my pick up at the new place, so I had to call. Uhaul (another 25 minutes talking to three different people and getting hung up on). Camelot computer wasn't open for business on this Friday morning at ten in the morning, so no one was there to actually help me. Eventually I talked to someone from Camelot computer on the phone, to get the code. Luckily for me this person who was at the airport and hadn't left on her flight yet. She gave me the code to get my keys. and someone from the phone must have reset the pick up info on my phone so I was able to get set. BUT this cost me an hour to an hour and a half. between the phone and the app and waiting on a call back and being on hold and having to go so far out of the way in the wrong direction. VERY BAD EXPERIENCE. This ended up causing me to lose my help that I had moving at the designated time. NEW HELP COST ME AN ADDITIONAL $175 and I lost another hour and a half of my time. Instead of getting home at seven o'clock on Friday night, I got home at eleven. Me and my father had been up almost twenty hours. I have used uhaul many times in the past, but I am so discouraged by the poor service THAT I WILL PROBABLY NEVER USE UHAUL AGAIN BECAUSE OF ALL THE TIME AND MONEY THIS EXPERIENCE COST ME. So discouraging. Somewhere along the line, when you haul changed my location they raised my price around $20? I was unable to pull up my original uhaul contract because you guys changed it, when you changed my location. So I'm not sure how much extra I ended up paying. But that $20 was nothing compared to the almost $200 I had to pay because I lost the original moving and loading workers I had.

edwin G. en


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Steven C. en


The location was not open at 1:30PM on Wednesday. It was difficult to find. It was much further away than other uhaul locations.