Los contenedores U-Box de mudanza son la opción para las familias de militares en Hawái

U-Box Conatiner
Familia de militar que se muda a Hawái

Whether you are being deployed or just moving residences inner-island, U-Box moving containers have you covered. Con nuestras ubicaciones cercanas y varias opciones de entrega, las personas que integran nuestras fuerzas armadas pueden mudarse fácilmente de una isla a otra e incluso cruzando la isla.

For our service members that are being deployed, a U-Box moving container is the perfect solution that offers not only the ability to move from island to island, but also the convenience of storing your goods for as long as you need. U-Box has the solution for any branch of the military when the need arises, no matter where you are stationed. In fact, U-Box moving containers can even be shipped internationally! U-Box is the only portable moving and storage company that can help take the stress and complication out of coordinating the shipment of your goods overseas. Backed by the largest Do-It-Yourself moving company; U-Haul, U-Box is the best choice for your international moving experience.

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