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Envíos a Alaska

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Whether you are moving to Alaska for work or simply for a change of scenery, you have to find a way to get your stuff there. U-Haul has developed the perfect solution to moving your household items to even the most remote locations and villages in Alaska. U-Box moving container containers shipped by gentle air-ride semi trucks and depending on where you are moving, we may ship it by barge or ferry as well. Consider U-Haul for your cargo freight forwarding company, we will take care of your overseas shipping. There are no extra charges for barge, ferry or air shipping; get a FREE U-Box quote today!

U-Box moving containers are large enough to fit your queen-size mattress, big screen TV's and outdoor gear. U-Boxes, unlike metal shipping containers, will also safely store and protect wooden furniture from condensation. Each U-Box is specifically built with the ability to breathe, so your belongings do not get covered in condensation during transit. Also, our gentle air-ride suspension semi trucks eliminate 21 percent of load shifting compared to competitor shipping boxes while transporting, for total cargo protection.

U-Box Alaska vs. Other Shipping Competitors

Características y Comparaciones de U-Box U-Box® Competidor
La mayoría de las ubicaciones de alquiler en Alaska
Sin obligación de compra (Alquiler)
Opciones de almacenamiento disponibles
Cubierta externa protectora
Madera tratada a alta presión
Envío por barcaza disponible
Múltiples opciones de entrega
Cargar y descargar en múltiples ubicaciones
Puerta resellable fácil de cerrar
Envío internacional

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U-Box Alaska Shipping Rates

Shipping and transport rates will vary depending on where you are moving to and from. If you are moving from Seattle to Alaska, you can assume the mobile storage vault will arrive at your destination more quickly and be slightly less expensive than if you are moving from the east coast to Alaska. Find a local U-Box location that will help make your move easier.

Tips for Moving to Alaska with U-Box

Mudarse a Alaska no debe ser un período estresante; usted se está preparando para emprender en el viaje de su vida. Aquí están algunos buenos consejos para ayudarle a lo largo del camino.

  • If driving, it takes more than 48 hours from Seattle to Anchorage. It may be more beneficial to fly and ship your belongings to Alaska with U-Haul U-Box moving containers. Our shipping rates are lower than most all competitors!
  • Use furniture pads to fill gaps and pack the U-Box moving container as full as you can. The more things you have to travel with, the more hassle you will have during transit.
  • Vístase apropiadamente. Las temperaturas de Alaska pueden enfriarse peligrosamente durante los meses de invierno, asegúrese de que usted y su familia están listos para las temperaturas bajo cero.

Universidades en Alaska

U-Box is perfect solution for college students and graduates

Alaska is home to some of the most premier colleges in America. With a great selection of both two and four year colleges, you will have no problem shipping your belongings for college to Alaska using U-Box moving containers. Our portable moving container containers are just the right size to provide seamless shipping to Alaska.

U-Box vs. Lift Van Wooden Crates

You may be familiar with lift vans which are wooden crates that measure roughly 7x4x7, offering 196 cubic feet and limit your shipping weight to less than 1,500 lbs. However, each U-Box moving container measures roughly 8x5x8, has 257 cubic feet of space and up to 2,000 lbs of shipping weight. That is more than 60 feet of extra packing space and 500 lbs of extra weight allowed to ship!

U-Haul has developed a standard U-Box for moving, shipping and storage. It is the perfect solution for crating your belongings! Each moving and storage container has a large single door for easy access and will typically accommodate an average room, to a room and a half, of household goods and furniture. U-Boxes rest about six inches off the ground to insure that your belongings remain safe and dry.