Cobertor para pisos de 5 ft x 10 ft

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El cobertor para pisos U-Haul de 5 ft x 10 ft es una hoja de polietileno de 3.0 mil. de alta resistencia diseñada para dar más protección al piso de unidades de almacenamiento, garajes, camiones, remolques y otras superficies de pisos duros. El cobertor tiene un tratamiento con Microban®, un protector antimicrobiano que impide la formación de moho o humedad. Este cobertor también funciona como protector de pisos al realizar mudanzas.

  • Incluye un cobertor reciclable y reutilizable de 5 ft x 10 ft

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Donna W.

Recommends this product

We've had lots of rain lately. The liner works great on the bed of our pickup truck.

Terry T.

Did not use. I thought it was cloth or canvas

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My question is how do you sanitize,disinfect for bedbugs ,roches ect after every use.rhis is a big concern of mine before I rent your 10 inch truck can you please answer this question for me

–Bernadette Mack 11/26/2018 10:23:16 PM

Hi, Bernadette! When our teams do discover insects in our trucks or trailers, the common practice has been to apply a disinfectant or bug bomb and hold the equipment until the poison dissipates. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 11/29/2018 1:45:31 PM

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