Trailer Valet XL V2 Trailer Dolly

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Trailer dollies are a dime a dozen, but they're all big, bulky, and expensive. You're either plugged to the wall or it's too heavy to take to the campsite, but not the Trailer Valet XL. The XL is the lightest, toughest, BADDEST trailer dolly on the market today! Just like it's little brother, it features the same high quality parts, an automatic brake, and dual 9? tires, but we've also added some awesome new features. It's the first and only dolly that allows you to move most trailers using an 18V cordless drill; it features our patented ball attachment that connects directly to the trailer coupler and allows you to attach and detach in seconds; and finally, it's the most compact and portable dolly on the market that can handle up to 10,000lbs of weight! So why spend thousands in getting something that you can't take with you, and get the dolly that can actually get the job done.

  • Never Flat Solid Rubber Tires: Gives you greater traction on grass and gravel, without ever worrying about having low air pressure. Backed by our 10 year manufacturers warranty on the tires.
  • Stabilizer Bracket: Adapts to even more trailers and allows the Trailer Valet XL to be more secure when moving heavier trailers under uneven terrain.
  • Ball Converter: Enables you to quickly and easily switch between our existing 2” ball to a 2 5/16” ball in seconds.  No need to purchase both sized balls.

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