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Propane is easily one of the most common and most versatile natural gas used for fuel. From propane grills, generators, heaters, and many more appliances to connect them to, there’s no wonder that propane tanks are constantly utilized throughout the year. Whether your propane needs are for grilling, camping, or heating U-Haul has you covered! U-Haul’s new tank exchange program allows customers an easier, more convenient and efficient way for them to get their propane services handled. Here’s to much shorter wait times as waiting on a trained associate to become available to fill up your tank will be a thing of the past! The exchange program not only gets customers up and going to their propane activities faster, it also helps assure them that their tanks are up to date, leak free, clean, and most of all ready to use. Wondering how the Tank Exchange program works? It’s easy. First, let’s determine which option is for you. Do you have an empty tank to exchange? If yes, place your tank exchange order online. If no, place your first pick up order online. Once choosing either option, follow the steps provided and you are ready to go!

  • Pick up a tank of propane with ease - the tank is pre-filled and ready to go!