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¡Una cortadora lo hace todo! Con manija ergonómicamente diseñada y fácil de apretar, compartimiento de almacenaje y ajuste de profundidad para la cuchilla, y más. Coloque el estuche a su cinto, y nunca pierda su cortadora otra vez.

  • Ambidextrous for both right and left handed users
  • Includes one cutter with three blades, one holder and one lanyard
  • Three manual settings for blade depth correspond to the type of box being cut
  • Extra blade storage with easy blade change

Customer Reviews Easy Cut Knife

Dennis B.

It came with no instructions on how to adjust the blade length. Not what I was expecting as far as being adjustable.

micheline b.

Very hard to operate, the blade doesn’t come out enough.

Brenda L.

Best price item I can find anywhere

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