1-1/4” Ball Mount (5” Rise, 10” Length, 3,500 lbs.)

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  • Not for use in the drop position.

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Montaje de la bola Class II para receptor de 1-1/4”. Subida de 5”, no para el uso en la posición de caída.

  • Fits 1-1/4" receiver.
  • For 3/4" shank hitch ball.
  • 3,500 lbs gross trailer weight. 300 lbs tongue weight.
  • Black powder coat finish.

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Will a ball hitch work with a 2017 Audi Allroad station wagon? If so is one type better for the car's construction than another?

–Elizabeth Lamont 12/15/2016 8:45:36 AM

Currently there are no aftermarket hitch products available for your vehicle. We can expect to see more information by February of 2017. If you are in need of a hitch before then, please visit this page and enter your vehicle information for a possible free custom built hitch.

–TIMOTHY 12/19/2016 10:43:28 AM

Is the 5 inch riser for 1-1/4 inch hitch available in store?

–Rob Schleinitz 5/1/2017 6:06:39 AM

Hi, Rob! This specific ball mount is not available in store. Please contact your local U-Haul Hitch Center to see what they have in stock for your vehicle.

–Savannah 5/30/2017 9:38:12 AM

what is the proper drawbar to use with a 2012 ford fusion se? 3.5 or 5 inch rise.

–Greg 6/4/2017 5:24:51 PM

Hi, Greg! U-Haul ball mount part number 3594 matches your needs (Class l, 1-1/4", 2000 lbs, w/ 3/4" ball hole, 10" Length x 4" rise). Please visit your nearest U-Haul Hitch Location for purchase. Thank you!

–Savannah 7/13/2017 10:58:18 AM

what is the proper drawbar to use with a 2017 ford fusion 2.0 AWD? 3.5 or 5 inch rise? Is it available in store?.

–Tom Black 8/9/2017 12:38:12 AM

Is hitch receiver 36065, 5 inch rise okay to use on a 2011 Altima 4 door with uhaul hitch part # 24737

–George Napier 6/25/2018 6:20:30 AM

Hi, George! The 36065 1-1/4" ball mount will fit into the 24737 1-1/4" receiver. Please note: your hitch system is only as strong as its lowest rated component.. Thank you!

–Savannah 7/23/2018 10:57:48 AM

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