Big Buddy Portable Heater

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  • Not designed for permanent installation or for use above 7,000 feet. Not to be purchased or used in the state of California.

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Puede calentar hasta 400 pies cuadrados con este calentador alimentado por propano y certificado CSA para uso interior o al aire libre. La característica incorporada de seguridad apaga automáticamente el dispositivo en condiciones con poco oxígeno y cuando la unidad se cae accidentalmente. El calentador es compatible con tanques de propano de 5, 10, 11, 20 y 30 libras y con válvula de seguridad OPD.

  • Features – Ergonomic easy-care handle and key-shaped rear mounting holes for wall mounting
  • Connection – Optional A/C adapter or 4 D-Cell batteries to power blower fan

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Does it use a regular propane tank? The tank fits in the back or outside?

–monica 11/21/2013 10:47:45 AM

UHaul's Propane Program Manager states ... "We recommend any propane tank with an OPD Valve (OPD11-11lb tank, OPDGAG-20lb tank with gauge, OPD30-30lb tank and OPD40-40 lb tank). The tank sits outside.

–Ronald 11/22/2013 8:58:34 AM

Do they have them in Stock at council bluffs store

–Kimberly Harris 1/15/2017 6:14:08 AM

Hi Kimberly, this item is online only.

–TIMOTHY 1/20/2017 8:54:05 AM

How many BTUs at each setting. The Buddy description says but this one doesn’t.

–Steven Philips 11/23/2018 9:47:18 AM

Hi, Steven! The BTUs range from 4,000 BTUs to 9,000 BTUs. I hope that is helpful!

–Savannah 12/4/2018 11:32:32 AM

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