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Customer Reviews

  • I received an email saying they could not fulfill the order.

    Mary B.
  • Movers no longer have a crew

    Valerie C.
  • They called me and said they had to cancel the job.

    Kelsey D.
  • Movers said they are too booked.

    Kymberlee G.
  • Couldn’t get a hold of the movers.

    Zakeyta M.
  • Approx one hour, and two calls to Atwell, I received a call from Angela at Atwell Movers and she stated on voicemail that her guys were scheduled on other moves already. My question is, if her people are already committed then why are they showing availability on the UHaul site? This is a HUGE problem and cost me 2 hours of drama trying to find other people outside of the Uhaul booking system to avoid the same thing happening when booking another organization. I blame UHaul for this, not Atwell Movers. I used this same system 6 months ago with similar issues. Not good business practice. I am a busy Realtor and this type of un needed drama from a huge company like UHaul is really unfortunate.

    Timothy B.
  • Excellent service

    Ngozika N.
  • The movers were very professional and on time. They did an excellent job and completed in a timely manner. I would definitely use them again.

    Rosemary H.
  • Jim & Chester were extraordinary! They were responsive to my request, arrived early, and worked hard! Strong, smart, & organized- they efficiently got a heavy load moved with great care. GRATEFUL!

    Colleen O.
  • Movers had other conflicts

    Jack E.
  • Great service and great people.

    Owen I.
  • Jim and crew were very nice and professional. He fulfilled all of our requests without hesitation.

    George P.
  • Couldn't make it today

    Joshua K.
  • I was very pleased with the service I received by this moving company. They were very professional and I would recommend them to anyone that needs help moving and also if you need them in a hurry.

    VERA T.
  • Too far away

    Zachary B.