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  • They were able to come out on super short notice and on Father's Day! They worked hard for 4hrs straight & and I would highly recommend! Very happy with their service.

    Patricia D.
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    Jacqueline G.
  • This company responded within an hour after I made a request for their help for the time and place. These gentleman were on time, went to work and completed the job without delay. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with moving.

    mARY E.
  • Great job! Fast!

    Jelyse A.
  • These two young men were professional, helpful with packing recommendations and really enjoyable to have in our home. Recommend them highly!

    Tonu W.
  • They were awesome. Went above and beyond.

    Daniel B.
  • The movers were great...I prepaided for 3 persons but only 2 were available...I WOULD LIKE AN ADJUSTMENT FOR THE SERVICE...also the job was completed with in 2 hours inspite of the rain...please help

    Wayne J.
  • Thankful for all the help! Quick, hard-working, and to the point.

    Jose S.
  • The 2 young men were very professional. I have hardwood floors. They did not drag furniture on my floors. They unloaded the truck quickly and got the job done even when I booked them at last minute.

    Tina F.
  • they were on time, hard working, needed little direction, fast, and polite. would recommend them again.

    lorraine K.
  • They loaded the truck halfway,they would be back in the Am to finish because they were late and too dark,I would be his only move give him a time,never showed up and stop answering the phone.

    Charlene J.
  • Melvin and Andre helped move me out with short notice. They arrived on time and got to work right away. These guys saved the day!

    Sean E.
  • The moving helpers never contacted me.

    Stephanie R.
  • Contact was appropriate; professional communication, but the movers were unable to fit all items on the truck due to improper loading. We had to load our cars with items.

    Walter N.
  • I never heard from them about scheduling a date and box is being picked up tomorrow, Monday, 7/31/2017, so needed to reschedule.

    Donna B.
  • Move R' US is the best. My original mover got stuck in traffic. I called Move R'us, and I was told don't worry that it would be taking care of today. I was giving ETA. The best customer service

    Jarvis p.
  • Moved an impossible couch

    Benjamin O.
  • They did a great job, stayed focused and were very careful.

    Tony S.
  • Melvin and Andre did a phenomenal and very professional job loading my heavy boxes into the trailer. They were courteous and careful with my household goods. I will definitely use Moving Helper again!

    George H.
  • melvin and crew were great. Nicr group of guys - fast and efficient. Thank you for making it easy.

    Jaclyn w.
  • Had to make alternate arrangements

    Alexander P.
  • Professional and prompt.

    Hamza A.
  • The two young men were very prompt, professional, appropriately dressed and extremely efficient. They worked with incredible speed and strength while completing the task at hand. Superb!

    Patrice G.