Xscape Movers

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Customer Reviews

  • I am very unhappy with the service. I called and confirmed with the company the time and place and they never showed up

    Christel F.
  • Great attitude, came in actually early and got started right away.

    William O.
  • On time very nice people highly recommend!!!!

    Richard J.
  • I'm canceling the movers still no show

    Ericka P.
  • Although we specified needing morning help, the mover stated they can't do a move at all on the day of service. This is the second moving helper we've had to schedule and cancel, due to the helper stating availability for morning on the site but not being able to accommodate the morning move once we call to confirm.

    Apryl W.
  • We agreed that they would show up between 3-4p on 3/16. They never showed up and failed to answer their phone after multiple calls. Ended up receiving a date change notification email so we immediately called, with another no response.

    Breanna B.
  • called and said they were unavailable on 3/18, offered to move to 3/19. i was not interested in moving my day and declined their offer.

    Brandon F.
  • Great job!

    Zachary M.
  • They were polite and professional.

    Ann v.