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Customer Reviews

  • The movers broke two pieces of expensive furniture. How can I make a claim on these broken items? Also, one of the movers was too physically weak to do the job. I had to do more than I thought I would.

    Matthew C.
  • He never got back to me

    Bill B.
  • No reply from this helper. We called and left several messages.

    Jay O.
  • I called these movers several times they never returned my calls

    Kathy S.
  • i couldn't contact the moving helper so i found another help

    Shady A.
  • Please do not release payment to this company because they did not call, did not return my calls nor did they show up. I had another company to assist with my move.

    Vivian J.
  • I paid a total of $140 - please credit every dollar. We paid $125.95 on 5/31 and then another $15 on 7/24, total $140.95.

    Ryan I.
  • Called 3 hours after the scheduled time to let us know they could not do the work. We moved ourselves. The last crew we had (who is no longer available) was awesome. This crew not so much.

    Jacob B.
  • Great job

    Virginia G.
  • Have not heard back so I am rescheduling

    Thomas M.
  • Mover couldn't do till Monday, No problem they contacted me ahead of time to tell me

    Eric K.
  • did not answer phone

    Ana B.
  • He stated that he did not see me on his screen and would try to set up someone but was not able so I would like a refund.

    Lydia W.
  • Recommend the Moving Helper to others as the two men accomplished the unloading of the truck quickly and efficiently. Items were placed in a storage unit according to where I wanted them placed.

    Joyce B.
  • I highly recommend this moving company! Our first set of movers from a different moving company was a no show, leaving us to packing the truck solo. This company worked to accommodate the situation.

    Lucy M.
  • I placed phone calls to moving helper, yet no response.

    Cheryl L.