Moving Truck Rental in Rapid City, SD at Badlands Motorsports
(Distribuidor de U-Haul del vecindario)

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1115 E Saint Patrick St   Rapid City, SD 57701

(605) 646-4830

Location Hours

  • Lun. - vie.: 8 a. m. - 5 p. m.
  • Sáb. - dom.: cerrado

Services at this Location:


(605) 646-4830

1115 E Saint Patrick St
Rapid City, SD 57701

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Lun. - vie.: 8 a. m. - 5 p. m.
  • Sáb. - dom.: cerrado
  • Devolución del cliente 24 horas
Alquiler de camiones

Alquileres locales para mudanzas de ida o en la ciudad en Rapid City, SD 57701

U-Haul tiene la mayor selección del área de camiones y remolques para mudanzas de ida y en la ciudad. U-Haul ofrece un proceso de mudanza fácil al alquilar un camión o remolque, entre los cuales se incluyen: remolques de carga y cerrados, remolques utilitarios, remolques para auto y remolques para motocicletas. Combina tus esfuerzos de mudanza al alquilar un camión y un remolque de U-Haul hoy.

Additional Services at this Location

  • Moving Truck Icon
    Camiones para mudanza

    ¡Tenemos la mayor selección de camiones nuevos!

  • Ícono de remolque
    Remolques y remolcado

    ¡Se puede obtener nuestros remolque utilitarios y de carga desde $14.95!

  • Ícono de suministros de mudanza
    Suministros de mudanza

    ¡Venedemos cientos de productos para que las mudanzas sean más simples!

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Fees for returning after hours are ridiculous. I paid $20 to put the key in a box. There is no logical reason for that. Also you advertise .19 cents a mile but it's actually $1.09 a mile. When I reserved the truck, I was quoted over $50. I ended up paying over $140 for the truck, 40 miles. The location where I rented the truck was fine- no issues there. I'd never recommend uhaul again simply for the ridiculous fees.

Kenneth A. 

East St Pat put down the wrong gas indicator so we were charged for their mistake. Thank God my husband gook pictures of the gas indicator. That was a mistake they made that almost cost us nearly 130.00 dollars.

Byron R. 

The last 2 yimes I've rented uhauls they have been very dirty at pickup and I have to spend a good amount of time and money cleaning them for my turn in. I don't appreciate having to clean others messes also.


Trailer wasn't ready at appointment time. Staff didn't understand the technology to check me in. Got the trailer home, found it was full of moving blankets and appliance dollys. Had to return to have them unloaded. Entire process was frustrating.

william A. 

Had to wait a few minutes to check-in, not a huge problem, just a minor nuisance.

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