Moving Truck Rental in North Highlands, CA at Khyber Market
(Distribuidor de U-Haul del vecindario)

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4620 Watt Av   North Highlands, CA 95660

(916) 473-2479

Location Hours

  • Lun. - dom.: 9 a. m. - 9 p. m.

Services at this Location:


(916) 473-2479

4620 Watt Av
North Highlands, CA 95660

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Lun. - dom.: 9 a. m. - 9 p. m.
  • Devolución del cliente 24 horas
Alquiler de camiones

Alquileres locales para mudanzas de ida o en la ciudad en North Highlands, CA 95660

U-Haul tiene la mayor selección del área de camiones y remolques para mudanzas de ida y en la ciudad. U-Haul ofrece un proceso de mudanza fácil al alquilar un camión o remolque, entre los cuales se incluyen: remolques de carga y cerrados, remolques utilitarios, remolques para auto y remolques para motocicletas. Combina tus esfuerzos de mudanza al alquilar un camión y un remolque de U-Haul hoy.

Additional Services at this Location

  • Moving Truck Icon
    Camiones para mudanza

    ¡Tenemos la mayor selección de camiones nuevos!

  • Ícono de remolque
    Remolques y remolcado

    ¡Se puede obtener nuestros remolque utilitarios y de carga desde $14.95!

  • Ícono de suministros de mudanza
    Suministros de mudanza

    ¡Venedemos cientos de productos para que las mudanzas sean más simples!

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Let them know if you're not there within 2 hours it could be rented out.That is what happened the first time.Second time they did not have what I needed after having reservation.Third time my helper could not take off,he did twice already.Fourth time was a charm

Luana J. 

This location shows no signage of Uhaul, and the phone number listed was disconnected when I tried to call. I entered the location (some kind of meat market/grocery store), and had to find someone working there. An employee yelled for someone else in the back. The employee then gave me their cell phone with someone on the line asking for my credit card info. I was very uncomfortable with this given the lack of legitimate information and poor communication, so we had to do it on their computer, with the same person on the phone. I was sitting in the office for over 20 minutes while the "employee" was walked through the process with the person on the phone in a different language. The trailer was in poor shape and needed serious lubrication just for the hitch lift to function, it was so jammed up we both broke a sweat just to lift the thing. I lubricated it and ensured it's function was better when I dropped it off. Rude, non existent customer care, and a bit of a language barrier. I requested a printed receipt and found that the total was not only more than my quote, but more than they told me it was going to be! They included some kind of warranty/insurance policy that I did not want. They didn't even ask me about it, they simply included it and charged my card. That is illegal. I was so frustrated about the issues and delay, that I just let it go because at this point, I was very late for a hard set appointment. I've never had a worse experience in my life, so unprofessional for something as simple as picking up a trailer.

Clint W. 
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