Moving Truck Rental in Dartmouth, NS at Ikea Halifax
(Distribuidor de U-Haul del vecindario)

645 Cutler Ave   Dartmouth, NS B3B0M2

(902) 469-3322

Location Hours

  • Lun. - dom.: 24 horas
Horario especial
  • 4/17/2021 - 4/7/2022: 8:00 a. m. - 8:00 a. m.

Services at this Location:


(902) 469-3322

645 Cutler Ave
Dartmouth, NS B3B0M2

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Lun. - dom.: 24 horas
Horario especial
  • 4/17/2021 - 4/7/2022: 8:00 a. m. - 8:00 a. m.
Alquiler de camiones

Alquileres locales para mudanzas de ida o en la ciudad en Dartmouth, NS B3B0M2

U-Haul tiene la mayor selección del área de camiones y remolques para mudanzas de ida y en la ciudad. U-Haul ofrece un proceso de mudanza fácil al alquilar un camión o remolque, entre los cuales se incluyen: remolques de carga y cerrados, remolques utilitarios, remolques para auto y remolques para motocicletas. Combina tus esfuerzos de mudanza al alquilar un camión y un remolque de U-Haul hoy.

Additional Services at this Location

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    Camiones para mudanza

    ¡Tenemos la mayor selección de camiones nuevos!

  • Ícono de remolque
    Remolques y remolcado

    ¡Se puede obtener nuestros remolque utilitarios y de carga desde $14.95!

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No one in the store knew that my rental vehicle was behind the store. Three separate employees that I asked had no idea that u haul even services this location. It took me over an hour to find the vehicle, and I almost gave up and left. Please educate the Ikea staff that there is a uhaul pickup location behind the store so the next person doesn't go through what I did.

Randall S. 

The lockboxes were lying on the ground as the aluminium poles had been snapped off. The lock on my box was extremely hard to open... it took me 15 minutes of frustrating work. Also, the wheel wells in the storage compartment of the van were big and in the way... could not lay a queen sized box spring down flat back there. I also encountered a problem with checking the van back in online (as no one was at that site). The problem was that the process just stopped at a page that said for me to have a safe trip home so I left.... not realizing that the van had not been checked back in. This was resolved the next day by a kind staff person.

David G. 

The IKEA location is fairly remote, so most of my kilometer expense was gained by going back and forth to the location. Could there be some kind of adjusted rate to compensate for customers who need to travel a long way? Uploading images through the UHaul App was a complete fail, but telephone customer support was very helpful. Using the website rather than the App worked much better when returning vehicle. Locks on the lock box were not entirely intuitive when using for the first time - it took 3 or 4 attempts to get them open. Instructions on where exactly the letters/numbers line up and how the lock mechanism works would be helpful.

Paul W. 
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