Moving Truck Rental in Burnaby, BC at Mostafa Supermarket
(Distribuidor de U-Haul del vecindario)

7421 Edmonds St   Burnaby, BC V3N1B1

(604) 688-1816

Location Hours

  • Lun. - sáb.: 10 a. m. - 7 p. m.
  • Dom.: 10 a. m. - 5 p. m.

Services at this Location:


(604) 688-1816

7421 Edmonds St
Burnaby, BC V3N1B1

Services at this Location:

Location Hours

  • Lun. - sáb.: 10 a. m. - 7 p. m.
  • Dom.: 10 a. m. - 5 p. m.
Alquiler de camiones

Alquileres locales para mudanzas de ida o en la ciudad en Burnaby, BC V3N1B1

U-Haul tiene la mayor selección del área de camiones y remolques para mudanzas de ida y en la ciudad. U-Haul ofrece un proceso de mudanza fácil al alquilar un camión o remolque, entre los cuales se incluyen: remolques de carga y cerrados, remolques utilitarios, remolques para auto y remolques para motocicletas. Combina tus esfuerzos de mudanza al alquilar un camión y un remolque de U-Haul hoy.

Additional Services at this Location

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    Camiones para mudanza

    ¡Tenemos la mayor selección de camiones nuevos!

  • Ícono de remolque
    Remolques y remolcado

    ¡Se puede obtener nuestros remolque utilitarios y de carga desde $14.95!

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Uhaul was delivered to us, but the person we spoke to on the phone was very courteous and helpful. We only had one issue - the person who delivered the Uhaul did not reach out to us to tell us that the Uhaul was at our apartment - I only knew it was there when my landlord came to tell us to move it.

sean R. 

Thanks for dropping the truck off at our house. It made things so much easier and faster!

Bren S. 

The reservation was made on the South East Marine Drive location in Vancouver. When booking the unit and buying a lock on site, i asked twice if i would be able to tow my own personal trailer. I was assured i would be able to. When buying the lock from the reservation location they asked if i needed to buy a receiver (my trailer requires a 2 5/16). I said i had one of my own and asked if it would fit. They informed me it would. The unit i was originally supposed to get was not road worth. The above location delivered the u it to my home which was grrat. We loaded the unit and went to pick my personal trailer up from the storage facility. When we went to install the reciver into the bumper it would not fit (opening was a hair to small). I then called customer service (or so i thought) i was given no assistance and was told in not so may words that it was my problem and/ or my error. After being transferred to numerous people and getting no help we decided to leave the trailer and deal with it at a later date (had signed over my house keys to the land lord, and was driving from Vancouver to Winnipeg). Other than that issue we had no problems with thr truck. I would like a call back from someone who can and will he will to help rectify the situation i am in now ( i have a personal trailer in Vancouver that i need in Winnipeg).

Ross S. 

Vehicle was delivered to me. Most helpful! Thank You!!!

Roland B. 
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