Moving Truck Rental in Belmont, NH at Sar Auto 1
(Distribuidor de U-Haul del vecindario)

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977 Laconia Rd   Belmont, NH 03220

(603) 524-5288

Horarios de la ubicación

  • Lun. - vie.: 11 a. m. - 5 p. m.
  • Sáb.: 11 a. m. - 3 p. m.
  • Dom.: cerrado

Servicios en esta ubicación:


(603) 524-5288

977 Laconia Rd
Belmont, NH 03220

Servicios en esta ubicación:

Horarios de la ubicación

  • Lun. - vie.: 11 a. m. - 5 p. m.
  • Sáb.: 11 a. m. - 3 p. m.
  • Dom.: cerrado
  • Devolución del cliente 24 horas
Alquiler de camiones

Alquileres locales para mudanzas de ida o en la ciudad en Belmont, NH 03220

U-Haul tiene la mayor selección del área de camiones y remolques para mudanzas de ida y en la ciudad. U-Haul ofrece un proceso de mudanza fácil al alquilar un camión o remolque, entre los cuales se incluyen: remolques de carga y cerrados, remolques utilitarios, remolques para auto y remolques para motocicletas. Combina tus esfuerzos de mudanza al alquilar un camión y un remolque de U-Haul hoy.

Servicios adicionales en esta ubicación

  • Ícono de camión de mudanza
    Camiones para mudanza

    ¡Tenemos la mayor selección de camiones nuevos!

  • Ícono de remolque
    Remolques y remolcado

    ¡Se puede obtener nuestros remolque utilitarios y de carga desde $14.95!

  • Ícono de contenedor U-Box
    Contenedores U-Box®

    ¡Enviamos de un lado al otro de la ciudad o del mundo!

  • Ícono de suministros de mudanza
    Suministros de mudanza

    ¡Venedemos cientos de productos para que las mudanzas sean más simples!

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Make sure the vehicle is in good operating order. It was clean but the steering had a lot of play making it difficult to drive on the highway.

Brian N. 

I received the call from main dispatch was totally impressed with their attention to detail concerning the the way they wanted the the trailer hooked up.

Mark P. 

We called ahead to find out of we could pick up the truck early and they said yes. After getting there the place was closed. We were never informed that we needed a pin code and that we had to pay online. I had to contact customer service multiple times. The first time they said I had to pay online. I tried to do that and couldn't. I called back and this guy said he couldn't help me so I got transferred. Shes said because my pick up time never changed she had to adjust that. After I went through the verification process and I get the key to the truck it's not the correct key. Its to the smaller truck next to it. After that I had to contact customer service again. And the first guy told me he couldn't help me but to try two different numbers one being the local number (which gave me all the same prompts as the the numbers I contacted.) The next person couldn't help me and I was transfering me to a manger who she was in contact with about my situation. This person, once I got someone, had no idea about my situation. And I had to repeat it all over again. After sitting in the parking lot for over an hour and a half informally got the correct key.

Jessica M. 
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