Unidades de Self-storage en San Juan Capistrano, CA en U-Haul Moving & Storage of San Juan Capistrano

¡Reserve su unidad de self-storage hoy! U-Haul Moving & Storage of San Juan Capistrano es una de nuestras ubicaciones de almacenamiento de primera clase en San Juan Capistrano, CA que ofrece unidades de self-storage limpias, secas y seguras. Tenemos múltiples tamaños de unidades de almacenamiento para satisfacer sus necesidades personales de almacenamiento y mudanza. Pregunte acerca de las unidades de self-storage con clima controlado cuáles pueden estar disponibles en algunos de los precios más bajos ofrecidos para una unidad de almacenamiento en el mercado.

Obtenga excelentes tarifas de Almacenamiento Mini en 92675

El horario de las ubicaciones de almacenamiento están sujetas a cambio sin embargo, muchas de nuestras ubicaciones de self-storage están abiertas las 24 horas y tienen horas de acceso extendidas. Dependiendo de sus necesidades de almacenamiento y zona, pregunte por almacenamiento de RV, almacenamiento de barco, almacenamiento de vehículo y almacenamiento de motocicleta en San Juan Capistrano, CA, 92675. El almacenamiento portátil de U-Box puede ser una gran opción para sus necesidades de almacenamiento y mudanza, ¡pregúntenos cómo podemos ayudarle!

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Por favor prueba una de las otras ubicaciones cercanas de abajo.

U-Box® Containers for Moving and Storage

Entregamos contenedores U-Box, usted los llena y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestra bodega segura. ¡Cargue a su propio ritmo! Sólo dénos una llamada cuando quiere que recojamos o entreguemos sus contenedores U-Box.

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    8' x 5 ' x 7.5'

    Contenedor portátil de almacenamiento.

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Customer Reviews

Jenny L. en


Elvira and her team at U-Haul were wonderful. I shipped 4 U-boxes from Seattle and stored them at the warehouse. The U-Boxes are so convenient and how I will move or store anything in the future!

afsaneh s. en


They are too busy and Uboxes are nightmare. Way too small and not organized and efficient like Pod.

James J. en


Not enough characters to reply, But! clerk told everyone in line to be patience, when it was my turn he said not enough time before closing, I replied "patience" clerk has poor attitude!!!

rakhi d. en


Our u-boxes were ant infested. We had our other shipment fromPODs storage and had no issue. We did not move any food and definitely did not have ants in our things prior to moving them into the u-box.

Sean S. en


The staff was very nice and accommodating. I had 2 Uhaul boxes, and was hoping to use a double trailer. This facility did not have one. The young man helping had the 2nd ready prior to my return.

Alixandrea R. en


We had a really great experience with using a u-box. It was delivered on time, picked up on time and ended up at our destination on time. Everyone along the way was extremely helpful and kind.

adrian m. en


Our U-Haul experience was outstanding. We had a complicated move from out of state. Staff was friendly on both ends. U-Haul`s many options helped us tailor our move to our specific needs.

troy s. en


lots of people willing to help

Les C. en


Maxicum performance

Kaoru K. en


The whole experience was perfect. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly.

cathy s. en


an absolutely great idea for self storage, it`s as easy and efficient as you would imagine!!

Ben F. en


Fantastic service

Mark O. en


Thankfully we were home at 11:30 am when the delivery arrived. It was to be delivered between 12 and 1pm that day. So, all worked out well.



There was some water damage on furniture.

kyungsook w. en


Elvira is awesome!

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