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Espacios de almacenamiento disponibles en esta instalación
(Todos los tamaños son aproximados)

Sustainable Drive Up Storage

Sustainable Drive Up Storage

Sustainable drive up storage units are located outside, offering the convenience and accessibility that any drive up unit would, with the added perk of being sustainable.

  • Ejemplo de disposición de unidades de almacenamiento

    11.3 ft x 7 ft x 6 ft

    Vanbody 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate
    1-2 Bedroom Home (up to 1,200 sq. ft.)

    por mes

Contenedores para mudanza y almacenamiento U-Box® ​​​​​​​

Nosotros te entregamos contenedores U-Box, tú los empacas y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestro depósito seguro. ¡Cárgalos a tu propio ritmo! Simplemente llámanos cuando desees que recojamos o entreguemos tus contenedores U-Box.

Elige a U-Haul como tu lugar de almacenamiento en Ottawa, Ontario, K1K2C5

Convenientemente ubicada en 383 Coventry Rd, U-Haul Moving & Storage of Ottawa es una de las principales instalaciones de autoalmacenamiento de U-Haul. Al ofrecer un entorno limpio, seco y seguro, esta instalación de almacenamiento no tiene cargos por reservar y ofrece una amplia gama de opciones para las necesidades de almacenamiento de los clientes.

Unidades pequeñas, medianas o grandes disponibles

Esta instalación ofrece una variedad única de tamaños de unidades para satisfacer tus necesidades. ¿Necesitas ayuda para elegir el tamaño correcto? Consulta nuestra Guía de tamaños de autoalmacenamiento para obtener ayuda adicional.

Servicios adicionales:

  • Acceso las 24 horas disponible: pregunta si el servicio de autoalmacenamiento las 24 horas está disponible. Ten acceso a tus pertenencias cuando lo necesites fuera del horario de acceso estándar.
  • Acceso en vehículo al almacenamiento: esta instalación ofrece unidades convenientes y de fácil acceso en vehículo. Detente con tu vehículo, carga/descarga tus artículos y sigue tu camino.

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CLARENCE B. | Overall Experience |

Excellent job!

Darren D. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Jennifer W. | Overall Experience |

I will never recommend Uhaul Storage to anyone and have reported you to the Better Business Bureau and have thoroughly detailed the fraudulent business pertaining to your insurance coverage. I have been told this is not an isolated incident and that this is entrenched in how Uhaul conducts themselves. I am the Director of Communications for a $15 Billion CPG company and will also be reaching out to my national media contacts across Canada to share my story in hopes that I can save someone else from renting through Uhaul and save them from thousands of dollars in damages, too. On top of not properly maintaining the drainage system at the facility, Uhaul does nothing to mitigate vermin and instead just traps the ones they find, does not dispose of their carcasses, and does not care that they run rampant across the storage facility. Just an absolutely horrendous experience from start to finish.

rebeca r. | First Impressions |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

sophie p. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Adamou S. | Overall Experience |

The experience was awful, I couldn't get to store my stuff for two days. I had to keep the truck in a parking for 2 additional days then go to another storage company. You have a great truck rental service, I was expecting similar with the storage service.

Ali R. | Overall Experience |

Moving out was very stressful given the fact that the parking lot was a mess. To make matters worse my brother and I were asked to push some uhaul units out of the way by hand in the rain. Lineup inside was really long and nif moving. I would never use uhaul ever again. I have friends that have stored with Dymon storage and they are extremely happy with everything across the board. I truly wish I would have had a much better experience.

john S. | Overall Experience |

Units leaked from basic weather, and it got infested with mice and they didn't do anything about it; more than 50% of my unit was destroyed

Israel B. | First Impressions |

Extra Super Services. I Love your company.

Winifred O. | Overall Experience |


Candice P. | Overall Experience |

Although we had quite a wait one of the visits we found staff to be very accommodating. Perhaps more employees on the front line would be good. Returning of equipment was easy, storage unit v. useful.

Winifred O. | First Impressions |

Very patient, knowledgeable and professional staff. The move-in experience was especially seamless! I highly recommend.

Meghan W. | Overall Experience |

Donald is the only staff member I’ve encountered who is friendly and helpful. The rest of the staff are rude, condescending and messed up my payment info 2x. lot is a mess, just like the bill system

Patricia P. | Overall Experience |

Really appreciated the free month with my one way purchase! It made all the difference in getting settled in without tripping over our stuff. We would hesitate to use UHaul again.

Jane W. | Overall Experience |

Staff very obliging.

lee m. | Overall Experience |

Benjamin and Donald were great. Ben went out of his way to be really helpful and without his help I would have struggled. All the staff was friendly and helpful

Valerie L. | Overall Experience |

There was one older gentleman working there who just seemed to be angry and yelling at everyone. In person and on the phone. other staff were all great. But this one guy - miserable.

Valerie L. | First Impressions |

We were handled professionally and quickly. Would definitely recommend.

MICHEL O. | Overall Experience |


Ric L. | Overall Experience |

Reserved a dolly for my move then was informed that they rented it out to somebody else. Was told they are rented first-come-first-served, regardless of reservation, which utterly defeats the purpose.

Kirsten L. | First Impressions |

They ran out of ice melt and the place was so piled full of snow my unit was hazardous to access. The outside guys were kind, moving 4 trailers so we could get my truck a little closer. rough day.

carlos v. | Overall Experience |

Thank you We are now done with your services.

Samantha F. | Overall Experience |

The experience of storing items at this Uhaul went very well. The staff member seemed to know his stuff, and was very efficient.

Dominic M. | Reservation |

Ordered a 26' truck more than a week in advance and was offered a 15' with a small trailer add on. Cancelled order and went with Penske. Never use or want to hear from you people again

aaron l. | Overall Experience |

Forced to take a large storage after reserving a small, credit card was not billed and was forced to pay a late fee even though the office staff messed up. Staff are not friendly. Not using again

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