Unidades de Self-storage en KENNEWICK, WA en STEPTOE MINI STORAGE

¡Reserve su unidad de self-storage hoy! STEPTOE MINI STORAGE es una de nuestras ubicaciones de almacenamiento de primera clase en KENNEWICK, WA que ofrece unidades de self-storage limpias, secas y seguras. Tenemos múltiples tamaños de unidades de almacenamiento para satisfacer sus necesidades personales de almacenamiento y mudanza. Pregunte acerca de las unidades de self-storage con clima controlado cuáles pueden estar disponibles en algunos de los precios más bajos ofrecidos para una unidad de almacenamiento en el mercado.

Obtenga excelentes tarifas de Almacenamiento Mini en 99336

El horario de las ubicaciones de almacenamiento están sujetas a cambio sin embargo, muchas de nuestras ubicaciones de self-storage están abiertas las 24 horas y tienen horas de acceso extendidas. Dependiendo de sus necesidades de almacenamiento y zona, pregunte por almacenamiento de RV, almacenamiento de barco, almacenamiento de vehículo y almacenamiento de motocicleta en KENNEWICK, WA, 99336. El almacenamiento portátil de U-Box puede ser una gran opción para sus necesidades de almacenamiento y mudanza, ¡pregúntenos cómo podemos ayudarle!

  • Ground Level Access
  • Low cost insurance available
  • Alarm System
  • Fenced/Walled Perimeter
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  • Electronic Gate Access
  • Short and long term rentals
  • Drive-Up Access
  • Online payments
  • 50% OFF 1ST MO 10X20:50% OFF 1ST MONTH ON 10X20 (cannot be combined with other offers)

Cuartos disponibles
(todos los tamaños de los cuartos son aproximados)

Drive Up

Drive Up

The quickest way to unload your possessions is to drive right up to the front door of your room. Wide driveways and well-lit exteriors offer both convenience and security.

  • 5' x 10' x 8'

    Drive Up 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate Rollup
    1-2 Bedroom Home (up to 1,200 sq. ft.)

    por mes

  • 10' x 10' x 8'

    Drive Up 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate Rollup
    2-3 Bedroom Home (1,200 - 1,600 sq. ft.)

    por mes

  • 10' x 20' x 8'

    Drive Up 1st Floor Outside Level No Climate Rollup
    4 Bedroom Home or larger (2,000 sq. ft. & above)

    por mes

U-Box® Containers for Moving and Storage

Entregamos contenedores U-Box, usted los llena y nosotros los almacenamos en nuestra bodega segura. ¡Cargue a su propio ritmo! Sólo dénos una llamada cuando quiere que recojamos o entreguemos sus contenedores U-Box.

  • Cinco o más contenedores U-Box

    8' x 5 ' x 7.5'

    Contenedor portátil de almacenamiento.

    por mes

Customer Reviews

Rosalinda U. en


The storages are in a good location and easy to get to but I called the number provided multiple times and never received a response.

Todd S. en


Very pricy

Andrea B. en


Great service. Property clean and easy to access. No complaints. Paperwork took longer than expected, but I`m sure that`s the case everywhere.

Michael G. en


Helpful staff. Let me change space size after inspection. God security. Clean site.

Maricela O. en


So far so good. I received a call from the storage company and it made me feel confident of my choice. Also I was able to upgrade to a larger unit thanks to talking to them. Awesome! Thank you.

Heather G. en


Very helpful staff

Jacob n. en


Nice and secure facility, I feel like my belongings will be locked up safely there. It`s also month to month so it is not a contract or lease on a unit which makes it convenient.

Tracy B. en


Did not utilize reservation with Steptoe Mini Storage because I moved to a different location. After calling number provided, they promptly removed my reservation with no problems.

Lisa B. en


very clean, organized, professional. Great location!!



Quick to call back and getting everything set up in the same day. Thanks!

KAY L. en


The facility is great and they phoned within minutes of my completion of the online form!



Great service. Unit looked good.

DALE B. en


Location is excellent with easy access to major freeways. Unit was large and CLEAN! Attendant was courteous and knowledgable. Very pleasant experience.

Richard F. en


Had my name down for reservation but did not have my unit saved for me. They promptly fixed the problem and gave me a better rate. Very happy with the area as it is clean and secure.

Jessica R. en


Instructions were very clear, employee was very nice and helpful. Will recommend!



Very thorough in explaining access process and contract terms. Pleasant staff.