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Clay P.

When we arrived to pick up the vehicle, nobody was available to provide the keys. Additionally, I had ordered pickup at a main branch location only to have the pickup location changed to this, much farther, neighborhood U-Haul location without my knowledge.

Jonathan S.

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Bryce A.

MY SON WENT TO THREE PLACES to PICK UP TRUCK; it was a train-wreck; did everything on-line; spent 1 hour driving around BHAM to find truck on his way to TUSCALOOSA; very disppointed and will be filing a complaint with C.S. Team. Lance (dad) 864-237-2317


The appt. Was at 12:15pm and when I arrived nobody was there. Finally got in touch with corporate and the owner got there an hour later. Then I had to wait another 30. min because he could not get my ID to scan. It was a bad area of bham and I WOULD not recommend this location

Randy B.

He did everything on his little phone hard to read on his phone did ask about get a copy of my paper work said he email me a copy as my pick up time at 9 am on Tuesday 7/10/2020 my charge was going to be was $46.00 but I got bill $74.and change bad way to take care of your customer Remember this if you take care of customer they tell 10 or more people if you do something they we 100's of people just not a way to take care of a customer thank you for your time Randy Blythe phone 812/4531/5636 or email

Kelvin M.

The location on ave F ensley con my guy out of over $120 talking about a deposit and was over 2 hours late for our pick up time he charge us $260 for a 24 hour rental I haven't ever been Thur an experience like this with your company no I wouldn't recommend any site that's not a real uhaul site with out sign sheetor give out receipts that location basically rob us us I ??upset

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