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Barb was so very amazing! I felt like I was visiting with a inviting and a very hard worker!

Colleen L. en


We reserved a towable trailer at the uhaul on Meridian St in Bellingham but received a call the night before pick up telling us we had to go 35 miles out of our way to the Welcome Grocery Store to pick up trailer there. So we went and after hooking up trailer to our vehicle, none of the lights worked. Therefore, they could not let us take it. They told us if we drove to another location about 50 miles away, there was a trailer there we could use. We said no, enough running around. They ended up giving us a larger box truck that we had to drive, rather than tow. They did discount our rental fee but it was a hassle.

Michael A. en


This was not a preferred location for us and was quite a bit out of the way.

Geraldine M. en


For uhaul in general (no one person at fault) if a person who attains a storage unit, along with truck rental, to specify at time of pick up if the uhaul storage is in a different location from the truck return. Also, one location doesn't seem to know any other store's business hours, and they VARY, thus making it difficult to plan for unload and return if a person has been moving all day. Too much emphasis is place, nowadays, on the customer needing to go "online" to find any information. Your employees should be able to look at a chart and actually answer simple questions like this. And, one of the guys who answered the automated prompt choices (for storage pods...wrong button, my bad) didn't identify himself or your place of business....something I ALWAYS find as bad form for any business.

Kennith T. en


The folks at the Welcome store location, Chuck and Barb were great. I would recommend this location to anyone. Also when we dropped off in Rogers, Skyler the girl who checked us back in was great too. All were very friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Outstanding experience.