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Barbara D. | Overall Experience |

Very good service

Genevieve G. | Overall Experience |

Disaster from beginning. Rented a locker at one location. Arrived there and was told they don’t have a room for me. Sent on goose chase to another location. Went to the new location and there was a metal set of stairs we had to go up to unload they a single man door that could not be propped open for bigger thing like couch or love seat. Construction going on has to maneuver around workers. Left at end of the month as per contract on June 30. Could not get a hold of anyone at uhaul. Even tried all the help buttons none of which worked. Finally in July 2 got a hold of someone who told me I cannot check out without a worker present. Continued to revive bills and threatening letters. I called uhaul repeatedly and they assured me they would take care of it. Letters kept coming 2-3 a day. Went in to the location to speak in person. Woman there snapped I told you to wait. Today is October 23. I am still getting calls and letters and emails. Will NOT rent storage again and hope no one else does. Too much stress in already stressful time.

tyler s. | First Impressions |

Hello - Please know that while we (myself and my partner) arrived at our destination on time, the vehicle was absurdly massive (20’ when we asked for a 10’), and the charges associated to our final destination were absolutely absurd. Unfortunately, we went looking for a reasonably priced / sized vehicle to drive the Southern route through the Kootenays, there was NO 10’ one-way vehicle in a 7 hour radius of the Okanagan. (Simply, look at our account to see the changes.) Further, we had an emotionless representative who answered our call in Arizona’s customer service offer who was more interested in cross-selling us a free storage unit than going as far as simply recording our email address properly for a response. As a result, we had him mis-quote our rate at nearly $300 less than what we were charged, and left waiting nearly 2 hours for a call response, before having to call back for another 56 minute wait on (advertising) hold for an update. In addition, all said and done, we were forced to take a 2-hour bus ride to the town which had our “upgrade” vehicle... which undoubtedly ended up costing significantly more in gas (due to the reduced MPG). Finally, following all of this stress inconvenience, the vehicle that was waiting for us was found to be at a small (hidden) ‘tire and brake’ business location, which certainly DID NOT follow the company’s protocol regarding the information about fuel. * * When we arrived at our destination, we personally witnessed the (professional) agent (who assisted with our return) inform four separate people of the exact way in which to return their vehicles with the sufficient amount of gas... ... we on the other hand, returned the vehicle with a FULL tank of gas (an extra $126 charge), without knowing that the fuel was to be return at a (1/4) quarter tank. Needless to say, if we went looking for a cost-effective solution to transportation (as stated), that additional $126 charge came out of our food budget. We have the affiliated ‘tire and brake’ company to thank for that, I guess. Thanks. Anyway, I have no idea whether there are ways to receive ‘compassionate compensation’ for these circumstances, but during a time when people are hardly leaving their homes, we have left $126 of our food budget in a 20’ UHaul truck. Please respond, as we look forward to hearing from you: (Tyler) -

Jessica H. | Overall Experience |

El cliente no dejó un comentario.

Kevin Z. | Overall Experience |

Moving in was easy, with good access via the ramp, but moving out was a lot more challenging with the construction. There was no ramp access so everything had to be lugged down the stairs. Once the upgrades are done it will be a premier facility.

PATRICK T. | First Impressions |

Questions 2-6 do not allow me to give helpful feedback. There was confusion among staff as to how to use the security system. This resulted in my having to drive back and forth from the storage facility to the U-Hual office to sort out the problem of entry. The confusion concerned using a code not a swipe card and that 2 boxes of codes needed to be activated. There was confusion also about which units were available. The location of the building between Erin and Wall makes for a very difficult access. You can only access the site by driving East on Notre Dame and making a right turn off Notre Dame Avenue. Very disappointing. A free month of rent does not really compensate for all the inconvience.

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